Chiweenie Pictures

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Yogi – All grown upfile:///Users/Jeff/Desktop/IMG_3101.JPG
Tazzy – The Chiweenie.Baby Yogi – The Chiweenie Zoey is such a divaI think I’m a Chiweenie?Chiweenie Pictures – Dogs & Dog RescueNACHOChiweenie Pictures – Dogs & Dog RescueNewmanCorona at ChristmasPee-WeeBaby BindiBindi 3 mons. Chi & weeniefroo froo chiweenieCassie’s first summer with me. Chiweenie Pictures – Dogs & Dog RescueMollyMolly the Chiweenie COZMO my chiweenieRodman the ChiweenieSassafras (Sassy for short)Our Precious LilydyojSleepy chiweenie, “Amaretto”Amaretto the chiweenie with Daisy the dachshund

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Designer dogs-Chiweenie
Mugsy pinkie
My 1 1/2 yr old Chiweenie named Joey (because when we first got him he looked like a kangaroo). The most loveable dog ever. Peanut