Dog Magazines and Publications

We’re compiling a comprehensive list of dog magazine and publication links.

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Now coming back to the magazines, If you know of a good dog magazine or other publication, please click EasyEdit and add it to the list!

Dog Service Network – Online directory of dog services such as: boarders, daycares, groomers, rescues, sitters, trainers, walkers, waste cleanup & more! We also have a blog with the latest news on dogs. Feel free to check it out and comment on it!
The Doggie Directory – Dog magazines & subscriptions.
The Bark – Offers entertaining and informative articles about dogs and dog culture.
BarkleyAndPaws – An online magazine and social community site for pets.
Dog & Kennel – Focuses on the aspects and concerns of dog owners.
Dog Fancy – A good mainstream and popular general interest dog magazine.
Dog World – Similar to Dog Fancy. It’s a general interest dog magazine with articles on health, behavior, training, grooming, activities, products, and culture.
Fido Friendly – A quarterly magazine specializing in dogs and travel.
Modern Dog – For fashionable and hip dogs everywhere, a dog mag with a modern twist!
Whole Dog Journal – Focuses on wellness and natural dog care.
Your Dog – A monthly newsletter specializing in dog health and care from Tufts University.
Parent Paper- A monthly magazine that features hybrid dogs for families.
Pawprint– The coolest little pet magazine from world famous celebrity pet photographer Christoper Ameruoso.
Bark Magazine