Fun things to do with your dog!

This is Johann canoing with his Mum! They do all kinds of fun things together and so can you!

We put together this Wiki to introduce you to all kinds of fun things you can do with your dog. And the best part is there are lots of links for you to find more information, get you and your dog off the couch, and having fun!

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We hope you enjoy this Wiki. Be sure and check back often, ’cause we’ll be adding more and more fun stuff, all the time.

Have fun with your dog, ’cause dogs just want to have fun!

Fun things you can do with your dog anywhere!

Dogs love games! And even though you may be training them, they think it’s fun! So get busy and play with your dog.

Games! Play some fun games with your dog! Thanks!
Even more fun games! Thanks Dog Scout!
Learn a new trick! Teach your dog some new tricks and have a blast! Thanks Dog Scout!
Can’t get enough of those tricks! Thanks Pat Saito and Tasha.
All about Clicker Training and having fun training your dog – they will think it’s a game! Thanks Karen Pryor.
How to play fetch with your dog! Here’s a great article from! Thanks Steve Dale.
How to play Frisbee with your dog! Here’s a great article from Heather Wallace.

You can teach an old (and new) dog new tricks!

The world of dog sports!

There are all kinds of sports that you can enjoy with your dog. Your dog will be healthier and happier for it, and you can have fun too!

Here is a good start – click and learn more!

Dog agility! – The dog obstacle sport
Disc Dog! – Throw the Frisbee
Flyball! – Fast and Furious
Herding! – Got sheep (or ducks)?
Rally-O! – Active obedience
Dock Dog! – Jumping off the dock
Obedience! – A well behaved dog
Schutzund! – The protection sport
Earthdog! – Dogs go to ground
Field Trials! – A hunting dog sport
Tracking! – Find it!
Musical Freestyle! – Dance with your dog
Lure Coursing! – Get that lure

There’s a sport for every dog!

And there are even more activities!

Throughout history dogs were bred for very specific jobs – including sledding, carting, weight pulling and more. In modern times, these jobs have become sports. Dogs doing their jobs are much happier dogs!

Bikejoring! – bike with your dog
Canicross! – run with your dog
Dog Skootering! – skooter with your dog
Rollerblading! – rollerblade with your dog
Skijoring! – ski with your dog
Carting! – dogs doing what they were breed to do – pull carts
Sledding and Mushing! – sledding with your dog
Weight Pulling! – dogs pulling heavy loads
Hiking! – get out their and see the planet
Camping! – experience the great outdoors
Swimming! – get wet
Canoeing! – paddle away

Let’s go swimmin’!

One man’s adventure in camping with his dog!