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fynnWho has the cutest dog?
Every owner thinks his or her own little shmoopy is the best little doggie in the world, so we’ve put together a specials forum for dog owners to settle the debate once and for all. Add a shrine to your own poochie, or check out others’ and send em your comments. Fynn, shown here driving in style, is the current cute dog.

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Becoming a dog owner
If you don’t have a dog, get help choosing your new best friend. What breed is the best match for you? Where will you find your Fido? What changes will you have to make to your lifestyle to accommodate him? How do you get your house ready? Find out everything you need to know before you become a dog owner.

Dog breeds
There are literally hundreds of breeds of domestic dogs. We’ve started what we hope will become the world’s best reference material on each.

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If you have a dog, add to your breed’s page. If you are looking for information, see what others have compiled about the breeds that interest you.

ResourcesAnother cute dog
Got a great vet, dog walker, acupuncturist or pet food store to recommend? Post it to our Resources section so others will benefit from your wisdom.

Caring for your dog
Treat your best friend like your bestest friend. Add to our care tips for puppies or older dogs; learn more about training; or plan for an aging dog.

Just for fun
Dogs are a heck of a lot of fun. Share dog stories here, check out cool dog links, and study up on dog factoids. Yeah!