Important FAQs On Our Credit Card Processing Levels

Important FAQs On Our Credit Card Processing Levels

Do you have questions in your mind regarding how to proceed with taking our processing level service into your business? This FAQ addresses the most commonly asked doubts on our method of working by our existing customers. Any more questions? You are always welcome to be inquisitive and can mail us or enter into the query section and will be included in the FAQ session or personally addressed.


  1. What are the types of fields in which data has to be given for processing levels?

The merchant has to enter the data under specialized headings like basic information, advanced credentials, and transaction regulations. With each level, the mandatory fields differ automatically and will be denoted by a red asterisk.


  1. How does the data affect your business?

You are entering valid data about your business and the concerned targets get to know more about your credibility and professional command of the business you offer. They see this as a measure of your ability to excel in stand-alone business and a B2B partnership.


  1. What are the additional fields a merchant has to fill in for qualifying for Level 2 data?

In addition to the complete destination address and zip code, the merchant has to give the information regarding tax indicator and amount, purchase order number, requestor name etc.


  1. For Level 3 data, what are the additional fields a merchant has to provide other than that given for Level 2?

These include more details about the item on sale such as ID, features, unit of measuring and description, its unit price, and extended price, commodity code, line discount etc.


  1. Which are the card providers you get the service from through the levels offered by us?

Common to all the three levels, we support cards from VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. With each level, the number of cards increase and the business owners can also request for including cards of their preference.

  1. How can you reduce the costs involved in completing government bids and purchases?

By qualifying for Level 2 or 3 data for credit card processing, the cost in terms of transaction fees, and purchasing cards can be significantly lowered as you are providing more data to the card providers.

  1. What if you do not furnish all fields by taking Level 2 or 3 data?

If you qualify and put into use a Level 2 or 3 transaction method but do not provide all the required data, leaving many fields unfilled, you may be forced to pay a surcharge on the fees or lowered to the nonqualified rates.