Kaycee’s Page

My dog’s name: Kaycee Irene

Hometown: Mesa, AZKaycee Irene

How we met: When Kaycee was 3, her former mama died and the family couldn’t keep her, so they took her to the pound. At the same time, I was looking for a dog to love, since my dog had died 6 months before. When I saw Kaycee, I fell in love. She went up for adoption the next day, and I went back and adopted her immediately! That was 10 years ago, and she’s still my best friend! I hope we have another 10 years together!

What makes my dog special: Kaycee loves baby animals. I have worked for the past 5 years with a cat rescue, fostering bottlebabies. Kaycee has been my right-hand girl, and loves to mother the baby kittens.

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Even tho she’s too old to want to do much with the babies now, she will still come running to help if she hears a kitten crying!

Kaycee is so sensitive to my moods. When I get down about something, she’s right there with her kisses and snuggles to make sure Mama is going to be okay! And she’s so great with other animals and small children. She’s missed out on attention due to the foster siblings we’ve taken in and helped find forever homes, but she never seems to care – she’s taught her Mama alot about love and caring!

My dog’s likes/dislikes: Kaycee loves to ride in the car, go for short walks, and snuggle in bed with her Mama. She loves her kitty siblings and tolerates all the fosters with good grace. She LOVES to eat, and HATES to be on a diet! (Gets this from her mama!) She also loves to go outdoors and lay in the sun or sniff around in the grass. She doesn’t like to go to the vet, and doesn’t like it when her mama is gone all day and she has to stay home.

Kaycee is a very special girl, and has taught me to love dachshunds. If anyone was considering adopting a dachshund, I’d say absolutely! They are great dogs, and I have the best one in the world!

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