Boykin Spaniel

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The dog was originally found in 1911, outside a Methodist church after service by Mr. Alexander L. White (1860-1942). He was named “Dumpy”, but showed some aptitude for hunting. Mr. White took the dog to his friend, Mr. Whit Boykin (1861-1932), which is where the name came from. Mr. Boykin bred the dog with a dog named Singo, a female dog found abandoned in a train depot. Later other hunters would breed their ‘Boykins’ to different gun dogs, including Labaradors, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Pointers, Setters and American Water Spaniels.

65 years later, the Boykin Spaniel Society was formed. Their mission was to document the breed in a registry to encourage breeding of purebred Boykins, and ultimately obtain national recognition in a recognized organization such as UKC and AKC.

The BSS applied to the AKC for recognition in the early years of formation. The BSS was told that they did not have complete documentation for AKC recognition but to re-evaluate in the future. Several years later, the BSS again took their case to the AKC. Upon being told that they would turn the registration part of their business over to the AKC, the BSS determined that the BSS would continue as a private individual company rather than joining the AKC as the Boykin Spaniel national parent club.

In the late 1990’s, a group of people who still desired AKC recognition formed the Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Assoc. of America WWW.BoykinSpanielClub.ORG
Although faced with opposition and a lawsuit over ownership of the breed instigated by the BSS, the Boykin Spaniel Club continued working for AKC recognition.

In July 2005, the club was named the Official AKC Parent Club of the Boykin Spaniel. Although they remained an AKC FSS breed at that time, the AKC felt the club had made progress to the point of allowing them to begin participating in AKC events. In January 2006, the breed was allowed to participate and earn titled in AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests. In July 2006, they became eligible to compete in AKC agility, obedience, rally and tracking.

Physical Description and Size
The Boykin is a small to medium sized spaniel. Their size was one of the traits that made them a desired hunting companion in the early 1900’s. Small boats filled with hunters and gear did not leave room for a large retriever. The Boykin was big enough to bring back the turkeys and ducks, but small enough that they were not a burden.

The Boykin Spaniel is a moderate dog in all ways. There are no extremes in their build or trappings and their form follows function. They are a breed originally developed as an obedient companion able to behave while riding to a hunt in a boat, but strong and quick to flush and retrieve. Gait is without wasted motion or interference.

The head is expressive with amber or yellow colored eyes that show enthusiasm and intelligence. Lips are close fitting without being heavy or flewed and the muzzle is balanced with the head. The ears are set on even with the top of the skull and reach the tip of the dog’s nose when lightly pulled forward.

Boykins are always a solid color with an occasional tiny white spot on the fore-chest or toes. Excessive white markings are to be avoided. The coat color variations have been described in many terms including liver, red, chocolate, or bronze. Longer hair and feathering may appear faded.

Coat length and texture vary with a waterproof, wavy coat of around an inch long being the most common. Some coats may be smooth or curly. They have light feathering on the ears and limbs. Coat and feathering may become matted if not brushed regularly.

Tails are docked. Dew claws are sometimes removed.

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Like all hunting and sporting breeds, the Boykin Spaniel has boundless energy and enthusiasm. They have a very high activity level and need to be given exercise for their body and mind daily. They do require daily exercise and excell at dog sports such as flyball, agility, tracking and obedience.

They are quick to bond with people and are attentive, devoted pets that prefer to be by their owners side at all times. It is excellent with children and is an instinctive swimmer. They can sometimes be unresponsive to harsher training methods ( chock chains or shock collars) and do best with clicker or operant conditioning methods.

Dog Care
(exercise, grooming, diet)

Boykin Spaniels must be exercised daily. They are an active breed that was bred to hunt all day long, so it is expected that they will have an abundance of energy that needs to be burned off.

Grooming every few days is needed to keep the hair from matting, especially behind the ears.

Ear infections occur in some dogs regularly. Skin conditions are in some of the bloodlines. Both of these are possible symptoms of either allergies or thyroid/endocrine disorders; a vet can accurately diagnose the problem.

Most Boykin Spaniels do well on a high quality kibble diet.
Health Issues and Life Expectancy
The average Boykin Spaniel life expectancy is 14-16 years.

Several Boykin Spaniels are born with hip dysplasia each year. Puppies can be checked by a local veterinarian for this problem at the age of 2 human year old by anOrthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) x-ray or as young as 4 months old by aPennHIP exam. All breeding stock should receive either a passing PennHIP evaluation or an OFA certification prior to being bred.
The breed is also known to have eye related problem. All breeding stock should have a current (yearly) certificate from CERF.

Other lesser known problems include cardiac (heart), patella luxation, elbow dysplasia, under bite jaw, and skin problems.

The breed is recognized by CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) and individuals tested for hip, CERF and patellas as well as having permanent identification (micro-chip or tatto) will receive a CHIC number and certificate. However, obtaining a CHIC certification does not mean a dog has passed their evaluations; it is an indication that the owner was responsible enough to check for the health diseases in the Boykin Spaniel.

Additional Resources
(Add your favorite chat rooms, blogs, web sites, clubs)

Boykin Spaniel Club and Breeders Assoc. of America
Boykin Spaniel Yahoo! Discussion group
American Kennel Club
Boykin Spaniels on WikiFido

Paula Abdul and Tulip

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Fido Facts…

broken no

Dog Magazines and Publications

We’re compiling a comprehensive list of dog magazine and publication links.

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Dog Service Network – Online directory of dog services such as: boarders, daycares, groomers, rescues, sitters, trainers, walkers, waste cleanup & more! We also have a blog with the latest news on dogs. Feel free to check it out and comment on it!
The Doggie Directory – Dog magazines & subscriptions.
The Bark – Offers entertaining and informative articles about dogs and dog culture.
BarkleyAndPaws – An online magazine and social community site for pets.
Dog & Kennel – Focuses on the aspects and concerns of dog owners.
Dog Fancy – A good mainstream and popular general interest dog magazine.
Dog World – Similar to Dog Fancy. It’s a general interest dog magazine with articles on health, behavior, training, grooming, activities, products, and culture.
Fido Friendly – A quarterly magazine specializing in dogs and travel.
Modern Dog – For fashionable and hip dogs everywhere, a dog mag with a modern twist!
Whole Dog Journal – Focuses on wellness and natural dog care.
Your Dog – A monthly newsletter specializing in dog health and care from Tufts University.
Parent Paper- A monthly magazine that features hybrid dogs for families.
Pawprint– The coolest little pet magazine from world famous celebrity pet photographer Christoper Ameruoso.
Bark Magazine

Far Point Collie Rescue

Check out our new arrivals!!
This web page is dedicated to these dogs in central Pennsylvania, and helping them get their forever homes. Someone didn’t love them enough to keep them, and this isn’t their fault.

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Many have been saved from kill shelters as well. Please help them today!

NAME: Pebbles
BREED: Sheltie/Aussie Mix
AGE: 10-11 weeks
SEX: Female


Pebbles is an 10-11 week old female sheltie/Aussie mix. She and her mommy were dumped in the night deposit of a kill shelter because someone no longer wanted them. Both Pebbles and her mommy are sweet, loving and wonderful dogs, and how anyone could do this is very, very sad. Pebbles is up to date on shots, wormed, bathed and free of fleas, and she has the most incredibly gorgeous eyes! The are green/blue in color and her coat is so beautiful too! She is great with other dogs and I’m sure she is great with cats also. She is very playful and loves to play ‘tug-o-war’ with a rope toy. She is crate trained and on her way to being housebroken. Pebbles is available through Far Point Collie Rescue. An Adoption Application, home visit, Vet and reference checks, and adoption donation fee apply. Pebbles must be spayed by the time she reaches 6 months of age per our contract. Call Yvonne at 570-374-2742 or email:
Pebbles is located in the Selinsgrove area of Central Pennsylvania.


NAME: Sedona
BREED: Sheltie Mix
AGE: 2 years
SEX: Female, soon to be spayed


Sedona is a 2 year old female, sheltie mix. She and her puppy were dumped in the night deposit of a kill shelter and were doomed to be euthanized. How very, very cruel that is!!! Anyway, now Sedona and her puppy are safe in our rescue. They were very bonded but now they are okay to be separated, and Sedona will be spayed and ready to go by the end of the month. She is up to date on shots, heartworm negative, etc.She is shy at first, but quickly warms up and is sweet and loving. She is great with other dogs, rides well in the car, walks nicely on the lead but we do want her to go to a home with a fenced-in yard. She weighs 27 lbs but will probably put on a few pounds prior to her adoption. Sedona is available through Far Point Collie Rescue. An Adoption Application, home visit, Vet and personal references, and an adoption donation fee are required. Call Yvonne at 570-374-2742 or email:
Sedona is located in the Selinsgrove area of Central Pennsylvania.


NAME: Vixen
BREED: Collie
AGE: 3 years old
SEX: Male, Neutered


Vixen is a 3 year old collie who will be neutered on 8/19, has all shots, housebroken, rides well in the car, and walks well on the lead. He is a super sweet and loving boy who gets along with other dogs very well.and hehas quite a story to tell! He belonged to an elderly gentleman who passed away and no one knew. Vixen layed over his body until it was discovered8 days later! Talk about devotion! Bless his heart! I’m sure he’s missing his owner, but he’s very sweet and loving and doing well. He’s been bathed and groomed and looks very handsome! A fenced-yard is preferred. Vixen is available through Far Point Collie Rescue. AnAdoption Application, home visit, Vet and personal references and an adoption donation fee apply. Call Yvonne at 570-374-2742 or email:
Vixen is located in the Selinsgrove area of Central Pennsylvania


NAME: Roxy
BREED: Springer Poodle mix
AGE: 3
SEX: Female, Spayed
Before Grooming After Grooming

Roxy is a super sweet 3 year old Springer-Poo but she looks like a poodle — and she doesn’t shed! She is spayed, up to date on shots, housebroken, and has just been bathed and groomed. The first picture shows how she looked before she was shaved down. She was too heavily matted and so we decided to just start over and get her shaved. She did have a flea allergy that was left go for quite a while but she has been vetted for that and is now doing very well. Roxy is great with other dogs, rides well in the car and would make an excellent addition to any family. A fenced in yard is preferred. If you are interested in Roxy, she is available through Far Point Collie Rescue. AnAdoption Application, home visit, Vet and reference checks and adoption donation fee apply. Call Yvonne at 570-374-2742 or email:
Roxy is located in Central Pa – Selinsgrove area


NAME: Sheba
BREED: Smooth Coat Tri-color Collie
AGE: 1
SEX: Female


Sheba is a 1 year old purebred smooth coat tri-colored collie. A smooth coat collie is exactly the same as the rough coat collie, except you don’t have the thick coat to contend with! 🙂 She was taken from a breeder who wasn’t caring properly for his dogs, and the collie rescue groups stepped in to take the collies. A fenced-in yard is preferred. If you are interested in Sheba, she is available through Far Point Collie Rescue. AnAdoption Application, home visit, Vet and reference checks and adoption donation fee apply. Call Yvonne at 570-374-2742 or email:
Cassie is located in the Selinsgrove, PA area (Central PA)


NAME: Cassie
BREED(s): Tri-color Collie
AGE: 4
SEX: Female, Spayed

CASSIE is a medium size 4 year old purebred tri-colored collie. She came from a breeder who wasn’t caring properly for his dogs and the collie rescue groups stepped in to take the collies. Cassie is up to date on shots, heartworm and Lyme’s negative, rides well in the car and walks nicely on the lead. She is great with other dogs, loves everyone but has not yet been tested with cats. This will be done upon request. Cassie is scheduled to be spayed on July 17 and will be ready for adoption by the end of the month. A fenced-in yard is preferred. If you are interested in Cassie, she is available through Far Point Collie Rescue. AnAdoption Application, home visit, Vet and reference checks and adoption donation fee apply. Call Yvonne at 570-374-2742 or email:
Cassie is located in the Selinsgrove, PA area (Central PA)


NAME: Alfie
AGE: 5
SEX: Male, Neutered
AlfieAlfie 2

ALFIE is a 5 year old purebred collie who is as sweet as they come! He does not have a mean bone in his body. He loves everyone and is great with other dogs, cats, birds, kids, etc. He rides well in the car, is housebroken, walks well on the leash and will be ready for adoption by the end of July. He was dropped of in a night deposit of a shelter in Southern PA and had a bad skin infection. Evidently, his owners didn’t want to take him to the Vet or care for him so they took the easy way out!! How they could do this to such a sweet dog is beyond us! He will be neutered by the end of July and ready for adoption. He is up to date on shots, is heartworm and Lyme’s negative.This boy is very, very special! Alfie is available through Far Point Collie Rescue. If you are interested in him, you will need to complete ourAdoption Application, we will arrange a home visit, Vet and reference checks apply along with an adoption donation fee. Call Yvonne at 570-374-2742 or email:
Alfie is located in the Selinsgrove, PA area. (Central PA)


NAME: Ranger
BREED(S): Border Collie
AGE: 1 1/2 years
SEX: Male, Neutered


RANGER is an incredible high energy, intelligent, purebred border collie. He is neutered, up to date on all shots, microchipped, dewormed, frontlined, 4DX tested negative and house and crate trained. Ranger walks good on the leash, is obedience trained and gets along well with other dogs. This highly intelligent boy will need a savy Border Collie person who is knowledgeable on the breed and their needs. Ranger will need to be involved in either agility, flyball or herding. He comes from fantastic bloodlines and from a local breeder who competed in herding trials. Ranger was rescued in December from a farmer who kept him chained as a 4 month old pup with no shelter. He is gorgeous, high energy and driven and needs a job. Ranger excels in everything he does and is definitely competitive. If you meet the qualifications for this awesome dog, please complete the pre-Adoption Application and a home visit, vet references and personal references will be conducted. Ranger is available thru Far Point Collie Rescue and we are only taking serious inquiries only due to his nature. Any further questions on this handsome boy, please contact foster mom, Pat at 717-592-9707 or email at
Ranger is located in Carlisle, PA


Name: Chico (left) Name: Bindi (middle)
Breed(s): Toy Fox Terrier/Mini Pin mix Breed(s): Jack Russel Mix
Age: 2 years old Age: 2 1/2 years old
Sex: Male, neutered Sex: Female, spayed

Chico, Bindi and Eddie

Chico and Bindi are available for adoption. Their owner is losing her home and can’t take them
along to an apartment she is renting.

Black dog is Chico a 2 yrs. old – Male – Neutered – toy fox terrier/Min pin mix. He is due for booster shots, but this will be taken
care of prior to adoption. Lifetime PA License/Tattoo. He is very sweet, friendly, housebroken, good with kids, other dogs and cats.

Brown dog in center is Bindi a 2-1/2 year old Jack Russel mix. She is spayed, will be brought up to date on shots, housebroken, and good with kids, other dogs and cats. She has a lifetime PA license/Tattoo.

Both of these precious, little dogs are available through Far Point Collie Rescue. A pre- Adoption Application, home visit, Vet and reference check, and adoption donation fee apply. If you are interested in any of these adorable kids, call 570-374-2742 or email:


Name: Sarah
Breed(s): Collie
Age:12-13 years old
Sex: Female, spayed

Far Point Collie Rescue – Dogs & Dog Rescue SarahSarah Side

Sarah is a 12-13 year old spayed, female collie. She was dropped off by her family at Susquehanna Co. Humane Society in Montrose, PA. She may be a senior, but she doesn’t act like it. She is super sweet, loving, housebroken, rides well in the car, walks great on the leash and is great with other dogs. She has also been bathed and groomed, and is ready to go!She loves everybody that she meets! She is up to date on all shots, negative for heartworm, lymes, and erlichia, and would love to have a loving home of her very own. This girl has SOO much love to give!

Sarah is available through Far Point Collie Rescue. A pre- Adoption Application, home visit, Vet and personal references are required. Call 570-374-2742 or email: if you are interested in meeting Sarah.
Sarah is located in the Selinsgrove area of PA.

Interested in anyone you see here? Want to learn more about us? Please contact Yvonne Roadarmel at
Click here for an Adoption Application and other information.


Lola and Trillian
Lola is one of the dogs that has been adopted from Far Point Collie Rescue. Check out her new brother and her forever home!
Far Point Collie Rescue is run by Yvonne Roadarmel. She and her husband take in and care for dogs in need of a foster home, until they are able to go to their forever home. They provide shelter, food, vet care and love for these dogs as long as it takes to find them a home. Please help out the wonderful dogs they take in by giving them a forever loving home!

Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make When Selling Their Home

You love your dog; you may even think of him as a member of your family. He probably has his own toys, bed, food dishes and supplies. As normal as you think all of this is, your potential home buyer may not feel the same way. Believe it or not, some buyers have an aversion to dogs. Whether a buyer is afraid of them, allergic to them, or just doesn’t like the way dogs shed or smell, when you’re selling your home, you want to make sure it has an advantage over similar properties. You don’t want to lose a potential buyer at the front door because you have a dog.

Avoid the eight common mistakes of dog owners

There are eight mistakes that dog owners frequently make when they decide to sell their home. By avoiding these common errors you can increase interest in your home, avoid value loss, and increase the possibility that you will receive the highest possible selling price in your market.

1. Leaving your dog at home during open houses.

This is the biggest mistake sellers make when marketing their home. As a dog owner, it may be hard for you to imagine that a potential buyer might not be thrilled to be greeted at the door by your adorable pooch, but chances are good that buyers who don’t like dogs will leave your home without looking at it if they see a dog. Even if your dog is contained within a particular room (or left outside), he could still be a turnoff to buyers. At best, your dog is a distraction that may keep buyers from focusing on your home. The worst case scenario? Someone claims to have been bitten by your dog — and then you have a lawsuit on your hands. There are several options you can consider to keep your dog out of the house during open houses or property showings including arranging for friends or a dog sitter to take your pet for a few hours. As part of my dog-friendly real estate services, I work with sellers to make sure their dogs are out of the home during showings. I also arrange for agents and brokers to contact me before they show the home so I am aware when the dog needs to be removed.

2. Not cleaning daily.

When preparing to sell your home, vacuum every day. Dog hair can be a huge turnoff to potential buyers. Pay careful attention to the corners and edges of carpeting. Dog hair can build up in these areas and vacuums can’t always clean them thoroughly. Make sure you clean your furniture as well. Use a lint roller to clean cloth chairs and sofas. If your carpets have pet stains, have them professionally cleaned. If the stains remain even after professional cleaning, consider replacing the carpet. Buyers have stain radar and will automatically assume the worst if they spot them. There have been cases where pet urine has seeped into the floor and damaged the foundation. Pet stains are a red flag to realtors and buyers alike.

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Coming to the next point

3. Leaving dog droppings in the backyard.

You have the “For Sale” sign up, you’ve placed an ad in the paper, and the open house is scheduled yet you’ve forgotten one critical item: dog poop in the backyard. Nothing turns off a potential buyer faster than stepping in dog poop or seeing a backyard dotted with droppings. It’s easy to forget about poop piles in the backyard, especially during the winter. Make sure all of your grass areas are poop-free before any property showings and open houses.

4. Assuming your home has no dog smell.

Have you ever met a person who is wearing a sweater that has been sitting in a stuffy closet for the last six months? The person wearing the sweater does not notice the stuffy smell, but those around him do. The same is true of dog odors. You don’t want a potential buyer associating your home with dog odor. Even the most subtle dog odors can deter potential buyers, who might not even realize that that is why they don’t like your home. If you’re a dog owner, it’s safe to assume that dog odor is there even if you can’t smell anything. Thoroughly clean your home with scented cleaners (but be careful of air fresheners since some people are allergic). After you have cleaned thoroughly, ask a friend or neighbor to give your home a sniff test. Continue to clean and freshen your home daily until it sells. During open houses, I often boil cinnamon in water or simmer apple cider on the stove to cover any lingering odors.

5. Leaving evidence that a dog lives in the home.

Although legally you have to disclose if a dog lives (or has ever lived) in your home, it is best to hide all evidence that there is a dog on the premises. If you have removed the dog from the home during showings, it is also important to remove the dog’s beds, toys, crates and blankets. You want buyers to have a good first impression. Don’t risk turning off a potential buyer by leaving Fido’s water bowl in plain sight (even if it is a lovely designer dish). Buyers will look at pictures online to get a feel for the history of your home. As cute as your dog is, don’t include online property photos of him curled up on the couch in your cozy living room. Seal up doggie doors and remove pictures of your dog from the refrigerator, walls, and table tops.

6. Not Marketing Your Home to Other Pet Lovers.

If you have a dog-friendly home in a dog-friendly neighborhood, your home is uniquely suited to other dog owners. Use this fact to creatively market your home to the dog community.

7. Adding “dog is friendly” to the MLS.

Many real estate agents add the comment “dog is friendly” to the showing instructions for homes on the market. You might as well just say to some realtors, “Don’t show this home.” No one wants to deal with a dog they don’t know. Realtors are afraid they will not be able to control the dog and buyers are afraid that the dog will bite. Even though you say the dog is friendly, people immediately think about the last pit bull mauling article they read and how those owners also said their dog was sweet as pie.

8. Being home during property showings.

If you have to make a choice, it is certainly better to be home managing your dog during a showing rather than allow a potential buyer and their realtor to handle your dog on their own. However, buyers feel uncomfortable when sellers are present while they look at a home. They feel awkward about opening doors and asking questions. Being home with your dog during a showing is a good way to encourage a buyer to rush through your home in eagerness to leave and not give your home a second thought.

As a dog friendly Realtor, I help my clients avoid these common mistakes and also help keep their pets safe and happy during the sale of the property. Selling a home is a disruptive process and can be very traumatic to a dog. Working with a dog friendly Realtor can help ease the stress and make the transition to a new home much more peaceful for all members of the family.

Djuna Woods, Dog Friendly Realtor
Djuna Woods
Dog Friendly Realtor

Tatra Mountain Sheep Dogs

NEW POLISH IMMIGRANTS TO SCOTLAND On Friday 20th April 2007, three new immigrants from Poland arrived in Scotland.

Born and bred in and around Koscielisko in the Tatra mountains in Poland, Bilko, Dolly and Bella set off on the long journey to Scotland on Wednesday 18th April leaving behind lots of sunshine and many wild crocus in the mountain meadows. They enjoyed the long journey along the southern route through Poland, then along the autobahn in Germany to Ijmuiden, the port for Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They were fascinated by the different sights and sounds during their travels and their lack of German didn’t prevent them from making lots of friends along the way.

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They then had to endure a long overnight sea crossing to Newcastle but this was made much better for them by regular visits from the ship’s crew who were mainly Polish. Indeed, it is suspected that they were entertained most of the night by friendly Polish conversations.
On arrival in a cold and wet Newcastle, and having satisfied the authorities that they met all of the strict requirements involved in importing animals to the U.K., the three youngsters then had a short drive to their new home in West Lothian. They are now happily settled into their new surroundings and are taking regular English lessons so that they can understand their new family and friends.

Bilko, Bella and Dolly are the offspring of Polish Kennel Club champions and it is hoped that they will in due course produce many Scottish second generation “Owczarki Podhalanskie” as they are known in Poland or Tatra Mountain Sheepdogs in English speaking countries.
Their owner Mrs. Wanda Livingstone is not aware of any other dogs of this type in Scotland or elsewhere in the U.K. If there are any out there, she would be pleased to hear from the owners with a view to starting a U.K. breed club. She would also be happy to hear from anyone with a general interest in this particular breed of dog.

Kenny Ortega and Manly

Celebrity: Kenny Ortega

Dog: Manly

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Fido Facts… Kenny Ortega, the director of Disney’s smash hits High School Musical and High School Musical 2, is the proud papa of Manly, who plays the part of “Boi,” character Sharpay Evans’ dog in HSM2.

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Sharpay Evans was played by Ashley Tisdale, also frequently seen on the red carpet with Manly.

Kenny Ortega and Manly - Dogs & Dog RescueKenny Ortega and Manly - Dogs & Dog RescueKenny Ortega and Manly - Dogs & Dog RescueKenny Ortega and Manly - Dogs & Dog RescueKenny Ortega and Manly - Dogs & Dog Rescue

Fun things to do with your dog!

This is Johann canoing with his Mum! They do all kinds of fun things together and so can you!

We put together this Wiki to introduce you to all kinds of fun things you can do with your dog. And the best part is there are lots of links for you to find more information, get you and your dog off the couch, and having fun!

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We hope you enjoy this Wiki. Be sure and check back often, ’cause we’ll be adding more and more fun stuff, all the time.

Have fun with your dog, ’cause dogs just want to have fun!

Fun things you can do with your dog anywhere!

Dogs love games! And even though you may be training them, they think it’s fun! So get busy and play with your dog.

Games! Play some fun games with your dog! Thanks!
Even more fun games! Thanks Dog Scout!
Learn a new trick! Teach your dog some new tricks and have a blast! Thanks Dog Scout!
Can’t get enough of those tricks! Thanks Pat Saito and Tasha.
All about Clicker Training and having fun training your dog – they will think it’s a game! Thanks Karen Pryor.
How to play fetch with your dog! Here’s a great article from! Thanks Steve Dale.
How to play Frisbee with your dog! Here’s a great article from Heather Wallace.

You can teach an old (and new) dog new tricks!

The world of dog sports!

There are all kinds of sports that you can enjoy with your dog. Your dog will be healthier and happier for it, and you can have fun too!

Here is a good start – click and learn more!

Dog agility! – The dog obstacle sport
Disc Dog! – Throw the Frisbee
Flyball! – Fast and Furious
Herding! – Got sheep (or ducks)?
Rally-O! – Active obedience
Dock Dog! – Jumping off the dock
Obedience! – A well behaved dog
Schutzund! – The protection sport
Earthdog! – Dogs go to ground
Field Trials! – A hunting dog sport
Tracking! – Find it!
Musical Freestyle! – Dance with your dog
Lure Coursing! – Get that lure

There’s a sport for every dog!

And there are even more activities!

Throughout history dogs were bred for very specific jobs – including sledding, carting, weight pulling and more. In modern times, these jobs have become sports. Dogs doing their jobs are much happier dogs!

Bikejoring! – bike with your dog
Canicross! – run with your dog
Dog Skootering! – skooter with your dog
Rollerblading! – rollerblade with your dog
Skijoring! – ski with your dog
Carting! – dogs doing what they were breed to do – pull carts
Sledding and Mushing! – sledding with your dog
Weight Pulling! – dogs pulling heavy loads
Hiking! – get out their and see the planet
Camping! – experience the great outdoors
Swimming! – get wet
Canoeing! – paddle away

Let’s go swimmin’!

One man’s adventure in camping with his dog!


Hi, I’m Johann! I’m a pretty busy pup. Got my own website –, and I do agility, herding, and help raise money for dog shelters and rescues. Be sure and visit my Dog Blog and keep up with what’s going on!

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Really glad you stopped by!

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About Me!

My birth Mom and four of my brothers and sisters arrived at the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana sometime in August 2004. We were rescued.
Johann as a Pup
The shelter folks named me Ben (on the left) and my brother Jerry, funny huh? My new momThey think I was born on June 25th, 2004, but they don’t know where, and that I’m a sheltie. renamed me Johann, after Johann Sebastian Bach.

My mom raised us well, And all of us were adopted to wonderful, but different families. That doesn’t make me sad, because as of September 3, 2004 I have a great new home and two new brothers Wolfie and Wiggy, and as of March 2006, a new sister, Gracie.

My favorite things!


  • Agility, Agility, Agility and more Agility!
  • Herding
  • Organic free range chicken
  • Zukes
  • Talking walks with Mom and Gracie
  • Helping shelters and rescues raise money

Dog agility!

Johann doing Agility!This is me at a 2006 agility trial, clearing the triple. As you can see I take my job very seriously. Seriously fun!!!!

Some folks call me Johann, some folks call me JoJo (YoYo), and some folks call me Rocket Dog. I don’t care what they call me as long as they call me to do agility!

Do you love dog agility, want to get involved in agility, need info on agility? Check out my Squidoo lens, it’s packed full of some of the best agility resources we could find.

In our lens we bring you lots of dog agility information for beginners and those that have been doing agility for years. Everyone can learn something new!

Agility is my absolute favorite thing in the world! I’ve been training in agility since June 2005 and competing in USDAA since December 2005 and AKC since May 2006 — so far I have my AX and AXJ in AKC and my AAD, ASA, AG, AJ, AS and AR in USDAA.

Now that I’m over my broken paw, I’m back in agilityl. Watch my dog blog to see how I’m doing!

Thanks to for the photo!


This is me at my herding instinct test. Herding is really fun!

Do you love herding, want to get involved in herding, need info on herding. Check out my Squidoo lens, it’s packed full of some of the best herding resources we could find.

From herding information for beginners and those that have been doing herding for years. Everyone can learn something new!!

JohannTheDog.comBe sure and visit my website – – where you can shop for cool stuff for cool dogs!

We’ve put together, in one place, all the cool stuff you need for your dog!

Find dog beds, all natural foods and treats, collars, leashes, charms, training and dog sport gear, vitamins and supplements, books, clothing, toys and more!

Johann Squids!

When you get a chance, check out all my Squidoo lenses:


  • Dog Agility!
  • Flyball!
  • Disc Dog!
  • Rally-O!
  • All About Dog Sports!
  • Awesome Dog Videos!
  • Fun Things to do With Your Dog!
  • Johann-My Personal Lens!
  • My ASPCA Fundraising Lens!
  • Throw a Great Party for Your Pup!

My family!

This is my family! We are all named after classical composers. Mom used to be a classical flutist – but she doesn’t have much time for that anymore. And besides, not so sure we’d put up with the ‘noise’.


  • Gracie, my sister! by johann'smom My sister – Gracie (named after Grace Williams)



  • Ludwig (Wiggy) - my brother! by johann'smomMy kitty brother – Ludwig (Wiggy – named after Ludwig Von Beethoven)



  • Wolfie - my brother! by johann'smomMy my other kitty brother – Wolfgang (Wolfie – named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

I paint!JohannTheDog - Dogs & Dog Rescue

One day Mom said – we’re gonna paint!

Well I was up for anything, ’cause I’m still kind of a pup.

So Mom mixed up some corn starch, flour, water and food coloring – put some on my paws and let me CREATE!

Here is the result! Whadda ya think?

Larry Merrill drew me!

JohannTheDog - Dogs & Dog RescueLarry Merrill is an artist. January 29 ’06 through February 17, ’07 was the Year of the Dog on the Chinese Zodiac. To join in that celebration, Larry provided a piece of original art for each day of the year – a Dog Each Day.

On December 24, Christmas Eve, I was Larry’s Dog Each Day!

You can see lots more Dogs Each Day!

Causes I care about!

I like to give back – so we found a way to help some great organizations. We teamed up with Kevin Bacon and to help raise funds for organizations that help shelters and rescues. Check out my page!

My favorite links!


  • This is my site where we’ve put together, in one place, all the cool stuff you need for your dog!
  • Clean Run One of the best sites ever for everything agility!
  • Only Natural Pet A great site for all kinds of natural, organic and healthy foods and treats!
  • Affordable Agility A very nice site for affordable agility equipment.
  • Quick Care Pet Insurance If you are accident prone like me, you’ll need this!
  • Sit Stay Another great site for all kinds of dog stuff!
  • Healthy Hound Bakery Oh, lots of really good for you goodies!
  • A site for all things dog!


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