Fun things to do with your dog!

This is Johann canoing with his Mum! They do all kinds of fun things together and so can you!

We put together this Wiki to introduce you to all kinds of fun things you can do with your dog. And the best part is there are lots of links for you to find more information, get you and your dog off the couch, and having fun!

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Have fun with your dog, ’cause dogs just want to have fun!

Fun things you can do with your dog anywhere!

Dogs love games! And even though you may be training them, they think it’s fun! So get busy and play with your dog.

Games! Play some fun games with your dog! Thanks!
Even more fun games! Thanks Dog Scout!
Learn a new trick! Teach your dog some new tricks and have a blast! Thanks Dog Scout!
Can’t get enough of those tricks! Thanks Pat Saito and Tasha.
All about Clicker Training and having fun training your dog – they will think it’s a game! Thanks Karen Pryor.
How to play fetch with your dog! Here’s a great article from! Thanks Steve Dale.
How to play Frisbee with your dog! Here’s a great article from Heather Wallace.

You can teach an old (and new) dog new tricks!

The world of dog sports!

There are all kinds of sports that you can enjoy with your dog. Your dog will be healthier and happier for it, and you can have fun too!

Here is a good start – click and learn more!

Dog agility! – The dog obstacle sport
Disc Dog! – Throw the Frisbee
Flyball! – Fast and Furious
Herding! – Got sheep (or ducks)?
Rally-O! – Active obedience
Dock Dog! – Jumping off the dock
Obedience! – A well behaved dog
Schutzund! – The protection sport
Earthdog! – Dogs go to ground
Field Trials! – A hunting dog sport
Tracking! – Find it!
Musical Freestyle! – Dance with your dog
Lure Coursing! – Get that lure

There’s a sport for every dog!

And there are even more activities!

Throughout history dogs were bred for very specific jobs – including sledding, carting, weight pulling and more. In modern times, these jobs have become sports. Dogs doing their jobs are much happier dogs!

Bikejoring! – bike with your dog
Canicross! – run with your dog
Dog Skootering! – skooter with your dog
Rollerblading! – rollerblade with your dog
Skijoring! – ski with your dog
Carting! – dogs doing what they were breed to do – pull carts
Sledding and Mushing! – sledding with your dog
Weight Pulling! – dogs pulling heavy loads
Hiking! – get out their and see the planet
Camping! – experience the great outdoors
Swimming! – get wet
Canoeing! – paddle away

Let’s go swimmin’!

One man’s adventure in camping with his dog!


Hi, I’m Johann! I’m a pretty busy pup. Got my own website –, and I do agility, herding, and help raise money for dog shelters and rescues. Be sure and visit my Dog Blog and keep up with what’s going on!

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Really glad you stopped by!

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About Me!

My birth Mom and four of my brothers and sisters arrived at the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana sometime in August 2004. We were rescued.
Johann as a Pup
The shelter folks named me Ben (on the left) and my brother Jerry, funny huh? My new momThey think I was born on June 25th, 2004, but they don’t know where, and that I’m a sheltie. renamed me Johann, after Johann Sebastian Bach.

My mom raised us well, And all of us were adopted to wonderful, but different families. That doesn’t make me sad, because as of September 3, 2004 I have a great new home and two new brothers Wolfie and Wiggy, and as of March 2006, a new sister, Gracie.

My favorite things!


  • Agility, Agility, Agility and more Agility!
  • Herding
  • Organic free range chicken
  • Zukes
  • Talking walks with Mom and Gracie
  • Helping shelters and rescues raise money

Dog agility!

Johann doing Agility!This is me at a 2006 agility trial, clearing the triple. As you can see I take my job very seriously. Seriously fun!!!!

Some folks call me Johann, some folks call me JoJo (YoYo), and some folks call me Rocket Dog. I don’t care what they call me as long as they call me to do agility!

Do you love dog agility, want to get involved in agility, need info on agility? Check out my Squidoo lens, it’s packed full of some of the best agility resources we could find.

In our lens we bring you lots of dog agility information for beginners and those that have been doing agility for years. Everyone can learn something new!

Agility is my absolute favorite thing in the world! I’ve been training in agility since June 2005 and competing in USDAA since December 2005 and AKC since May 2006 — so far I have my AX and AXJ in AKC and my AAD, ASA, AG, AJ, AS and AR in USDAA.

Now that I’m over my broken paw, I’m back in agilityl. Watch my dog blog to see how I’m doing!

Thanks to for the photo!


This is me at my herding instinct test. Herding is really fun!

Do you love herding, want to get involved in herding, need info on herding. Check out my Squidoo lens, it’s packed full of some of the best herding resources we could find.

From herding information for beginners and those that have been doing herding for years. Everyone can learn something new!!

JohannTheDog.comBe sure and visit my website – – where you can shop for cool stuff for cool dogs!

We’ve put together, in one place, all the cool stuff you need for your dog!

Find dog beds, all natural foods and treats, collars, leashes, charms, training and dog sport gear, vitamins and supplements, books, clothing, toys and more!

Johann Squids!

When you get a chance, check out all my Squidoo lenses:


  • Dog Agility!
  • Flyball!
  • Disc Dog!
  • Rally-O!
  • All About Dog Sports!
  • Awesome Dog Videos!
  • Fun Things to do With Your Dog!
  • Johann-My Personal Lens!
  • My ASPCA Fundraising Lens!
  • Throw a Great Party for Your Pup!

My family!

This is my family! We are all named after classical composers. Mom used to be a classical flutist – but she doesn’t have much time for that anymore. And besides, not so sure we’d put up with the ‘noise’.


  • Gracie, my sister! by johann'smom My sister – Gracie (named after Grace Williams)



  • Ludwig (Wiggy) - my brother! by johann'smomMy kitty brother – Ludwig (Wiggy – named after Ludwig Von Beethoven)



  • Wolfie - my brother! by johann'smomMy my other kitty brother – Wolfgang (Wolfie – named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

I paint!JohannTheDog - Dogs & Dog Rescue

One day Mom said – we’re gonna paint!

Well I was up for anything, ’cause I’m still kind of a pup.

So Mom mixed up some corn starch, flour, water and food coloring – put some on my paws and let me CREATE!

Here is the result! Whadda ya think?

Larry Merrill drew me!

JohannTheDog - Dogs & Dog RescueLarry Merrill is an artist. January 29 ’06 through February 17, ’07 was the Year of the Dog on the Chinese Zodiac. To join in that celebration, Larry provided a piece of original art for each day of the year – a Dog Each Day.

On December 24, Christmas Eve, I was Larry’s Dog Each Day!

You can see lots more Dogs Each Day!

Causes I care about!

I like to give back – so we found a way to help some great organizations. We teamed up with Kevin Bacon and to help raise funds for organizations that help shelters and rescues. Check out my page!

My favorite links!


  • This is my site where we’ve put together, in one place, all the cool stuff you need for your dog!
  • Clean Run One of the best sites ever for everything agility!
  • Only Natural Pet A great site for all kinds of natural, organic and healthy foods and treats!
  • Affordable Agility A very nice site for affordable agility equipment.
  • Quick Care Pet Insurance If you are accident prone like me, you’ll need this!
  • Sit Stay Another great site for all kinds of dog stuff!
  • Healthy Hound Bakery Oh, lots of really good for you goodies!
  • A site for all things dog!


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Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue!

wikiFido’s Warmest Welcome
Introducing two of our newest wikiFido members…





Create a page for your dog! Add photos, slideshows, videos, and brag away! Be creative–add lists and link to your dog’s favorite places and things…You decide!

Meet other like minded dog lovers and join free today!

Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue! – Dogs & Dog RescueLearn more about wikiFido
Dog Rescue
wikiFido member AbbyK9 brings you 6 million reasons to rescue a dog…

Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue! – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, RescuesFind a dog to rescue in your city.

Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue! – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, RescuesHelp a dog in need by posting a description in your city guide’s dog rescue section.

Dog Allergies

AdelaScratching, licking & upset tummies–did you know that these are all potential signs of dog allergies.

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Read more about food, inhalant, and even flea allergies.

Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue! – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, RescuesShare your tips for dealing with dog allergies.

Perfect Pooch Gets Prize
2nd Place winner Butchy
Update! Runner-up Butchy receives prizes from the recent wikiFido Perfect Pooch photo contest.

Congrats again Butchy and thanks for posting the great picture!

Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue! – Dogs & Dog RescueVisit the wikiFido Dog Picture gallery

Celebrity Dog Pictures
From Affleck to Zellweger, find great trivia and pictures of celebrities and their dogs.

City Guides
Add your recommendations for great dog-friendly hotels, beaches, parks, restaurants, and stores to your city guide!
Top Cities
Los Angeles
New York City
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington DC

Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue! – Dogs & Dog RescueSee all the cities in the guide.

Dog Breeds
The Dog Breed pages are where you can connect around your favorite breeds.

Dog Breeds A-Z | Mixed Breeds | 25 Most Popular

Top 15 Breeds of 2006
Breed montage
Labrador Retrievers
Yorkshire Terriers
German Shepherd Dogs
Golden Retrievers
Shih Tzu
Miniature Schnauzers
Boston Terriers

Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue! – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, RescuesSee full list of top breeds

Dog Breeds, Dog Pictures, Dog Rescue! – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, Rescues

Dog Sports

There is an almost endless number of possibilities you can pursue when wanting to participate in sports with your dog. The degree of competition and popularity varies, along with what kind of sports certain dogs excel in, but it is a lot of fun to peruse all the different opportunities out there for the 4-legged athlete in your home. Below you’ll find a sample and brief description of some of the sports available to canines, followed by some internet resources for more information.

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Dock Diving:Dog Sports – Dogs & Dog Rescue
First appearing on ESPN in 2000, dock diving is a sport which is similar to long jump in track & field. Dogs leap off of a 40 foot long dock into a long pool after a lure thrown by their handlers. Inside the pool is a fixed measuring device. The winner is simply determined by the dog who jumps the farthest. Dogs are categorized as Novice, Junior, Senior, Master, Elite, or Super Elite jumpers based on the distance they can clear from the dock.

Any breed of dog is able to participate in dock diving. Labrador Retrievers seem to excel in the sport. For more information regarding rules, local clubs and how to join, and upcoming events see .

Agility:Dog Sports – Dogs & Dog Rescue
Agility is a sport in which a dog demonstrates its agile nature and versatility by overcoming different obstacles. In this sport the handler is given a set amount of time to direct their dog off-leash around a course. Originally loosely modeled on equestrian stadium jumping competitions, the sport has evolved its own additional obstacles, scoring systems, and performance ideals. Agility courses usually consist of jumps, tunnels, a tire, a pause table, weave poles, and contact obstacles. The contact obstacles include the dog-walk, see-saw, and A-frame. Success in agility requires proper training, as it is a game of physical skill, control, patience and, most of all, teamwork between handler and dog. Agility is a race against the clock, but accuracy is the first requirement. (excerpt from

Lure Coursing:
Lure coursing is a sport primarily for sighthound breeds that simulates an open field chase of small prey. Small, flashy lures are set up and run via an electronic device, and competing dogs are then released to chase the lure through the designated course. Please see the American Sighthound Field Association for more information about lure coursing.

Flyball is a relay race with 4 dogs on a team. The course consists of a starting line, 4 hurdles spaced 10 feet apart and a box. The first hurdle is 6 feet from the start line and the box is 15 feet from the last hurdle for a 51 foot overallDog Sports – Dogs & Dog Rescue length. The dogs jump the hurdles and steps on a spring loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball. The dog catches the tennis ball and then runs back over the 4 hurdles. When the dog crosses the starting line the next dog goes. The first team to have all 4 dogs run without errors wins the heat. Tournaments are usually organized in either a double elimination or round robin foramt. Double elimination is usually best of 3 or best of 5. Round robin is usually best 3 out of 5 and the first team to win 3 heats receives 1 point towards their standing in the tournament. The hurdles’ height are dependent on the height of the dogs in the team — 4″ below the shoulder height of the shortest dog. 8″ is the minimum height and 16″ is the maximum height.
The dogs earn points towards flyball titles based on the teams time:
less than 32 secs: Each dog receives 1 point
less than 28 secs: Each dog receives 5 points
less than 24 secs: Each dog receives 25 points

The titles a flyball dog can earn are:
Abbreviation Title Points needed Type of award

FD Flyball Dog 20 Certificate
FDX Flyball Dog Excellent 100 Certificate
FDCh Flyball Dog Champion 500 Certificate
FDCh Silver Flyball Dog Champion 1000 Certificate
FDCh Gold Flyball Dog Champion 2500 Certificate
FM Flyball Master 5000 Pin
FMX Flyball Master Excellent 10000 Pin
FMCh Flyball Master Champion 15000 Pin
20000 Plaque
FGDCh Flyball Grand Champion
30000 Plaque
FGDCh 40k, 50k, …. Flyball Grand Champion 40k, 50k, …
40000, 50000, … Plaque
Hobbes Hobbes Award
100,000 Plaque Addendum

Flyball DogsNorth
American Flyball Association

Weight Pull:Dog Sports – Dogs & Dog Rescue
Weight pull is a sport in which the competing dog is tested to see how much weight he can pull over a distance of 16 feet within 1 minute. The dogs are connected by a special weight pull harness to either a wheeled cart or a sled. On these devices some sort of weight (usually cinder blocks) are added in increments until the dog reaches its maximum (determined by its ability to pull the weight the alloted distance). Handlers are not allowed physical contact with the dogs during their pull attempts; they may stand at the end of the 16 foot track and encourage the dog to pull, but it is only the dog’s motivation to pull the weight that will get it to the end of the track.

Competing dogs are divided by weight classes to level the playing field. Each dog is allowed 5 pulls, and the scores are derived by taking an average of those pulls. Dogs earn points based on their number of completed pulls and number of dogs they beat. Pull-offs are performed to determine champions.

Any breed, purebred or mixed, can participate in weight pulling events. Many northern breeds tend to do well in this sport, as well as American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terriers. For more information, see the International Weight Pull Association or the American Pulling Alliance.

Schutzhund:Dog Sports – Dogs & Dog Rescue
Schutzhund competition is comprised of 3 different tests: tracking, obedience, and protection. The sport was originally created to determine which dogs were the most trainable, motivated, and generally suitable to be working dogs. To compete a dog in schutzhund you must have a very solid foundation in obedience before any other training can be done. Not all dogs can become competitors in this sport. Breeds which excel in schutzhund include German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Doberman Pinschers, among other dogs originally bred for working.
Schutzhund Training and Info
More information on schutzhund
Schutzhund and the German Shepherd

Freestyle, heelwork to music, doggy dancing – different names for this spectacular canine sport! Here anybody and any dog can take part in, no matter dancing abilities, age, agility, size, breed, etc. You are free to do whatever you can so that you show your dog in the best possible way! What you have to do is to choose a piece of music that suits your dog well, train it some tricks, decide what the sequence will be and then … you have a dance which you can show to your family, friends or even in competitions! There are really no limitations! Even disabled people can do it! Why not try this exciting and relatively new canine sport? It is a great form of exercise for both of you and is worth trying!

Your dog may jump, beg, shake hands, heel, weave, spin, etc:
Jumping togetherJumping over my legBeggingShaking right pawHugging Running at heelGoing between my legsWeavingJumping over my armHappy waving

Dog Jobs

From family member to the best of friends, dogs occupy a special place in our hearts and homes. But, as we read the most heroic of tales and we learn that dogs can be and do even more for their human friends. They are often times heroes, providing help to those with disabilities, supporting law enforcement, or rescuing those in need.

If you know about these dogs, we want to hear from you! Create a page and describe what they do, how they train, and of course, if you know any personally, we would love a profile on the dog along with the dog’s associated organization, so that our wonderful wikiFido community members can contribute to their organizations if they like.

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This section is dedicated to those dogs who go above and beyond, and we hope that you will help build this tribute by adding your knowledge to the pages. We’ve started a list of some of these wonderful jobs.

If you know about these dogs, we want to hear from you! Create a page and describe what they do, how they train, and of course, if you know any personally, we would love a profile on the dog along with the dog’s associated organization, so that our wonderful wikiFido community members can contribute to their organizations, if they like.

Different Types of Dog Jobs

Dogs are employed by many organizations and individuals across the world, particularly as helper dogs and as working dogs for law enforcement and the military. Below are some dog jobs, broken down into categories by the type of service these dogs perform.

Dog Jobs – Dogs & Dog RescueService Dogs

guide dogs for the blind
hearing dogs
seizure and diabetes alert dogs
psychiatric service dogs
general service dogs

Support Dogs

therapy dogs
social dogs
Working Dogs

police K-9 units
military working dogs (MWDs)
customs dogs
search and rescue dogs
cadaver dogs

Lila the Titian

Lila was one of those mixes that no one could ever pin a name on. Until we saw her in the painting Venus of Urbino and realized that she was a Titian. That dog is her ancestor. Whatever that dog was – that is Lila.

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Detail from the Venus of UrbinoLila was a great gift, an immeasurable joy, from the Prince George’s SPCA/Humane Society.

Three pounds when we adopted her, she became a nanny dog, never leaving her little girls when they were sick. Wearing the gay gypsy outfits they made for her. Winning the town costume contest when they dressed her as a sheep. Posing for their paintings of her.

And trying to keep the noisy lab mix in line. The only creature she ever bit was him, jumping up to seize his ear whenever he would start an episode of seemingly endless loud barking. That always ended it. Sometimes with an expensive trip to the emergency animal hospital. Once, memorably, on New Year’s Eve.

She fancied herself a watch dog, barking at anyone who came to the door or even started up the sidewalk. She adored walks. Why did we take her on so few? She did get to accompany her adult caretaker to work at times, where she had endless friends.

Lila at 17She lived to be 18, outlasting the noisy lab, the gentle husky, the marriage, and even her beloved beagle Wazzuk by just 5 weeks. When he died she just faded away. Here is a picture of her at age 17, resting a lot by then but still always up for a walk in the creek, a few jumps through the snow.

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Halle Berry, Polly, and Willy

Halle Berry’s Dogs, Polly and WillyCelebrity: Halle Berry

Dogs: Polly and Willy

Breed: Maltese

Fido Facts…

Though rarely seen in public with her precious pooches, Halle Berry shares photos of her “spoiled and jealous” white Maltese dogs on her official website, (The Catwoman star also has two feline companions, Playdough and Spanky.)

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Eva Longoria and Jinxy

Celebrity: Eva Longoria
Dog: Jinxy

Breed: Maltese

Fido Facts…
Word to the wise: White dogs are high maintenance. Eva Longoria keeps Jinxy’s snowy fur fresh and clean with a rigorous grooming regimen. The payoff?

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In Touch Weekly dubbed Jinxy Hollywood’s Best Groomed Pet.

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