Lila the Titian

Lila was one of those mixes that no one could ever pin a name on. Until we saw her in the painting Venus of Urbino and realized that she was a Titian. That dog is her ancestor. Whatever that dog was – that is Lila.

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Detail from the Venus of UrbinoLila was a great gift, an immeasurable joy, from the Prince George’s SPCA/Humane Society.

Three pounds when we adopted her, she became a nanny dog, never leaving her little girls when they were sick. Wearing the gay gypsy outfits they made for her. Winning the town costume contest when they dressed her as a sheep. Posing for their paintings of her.

And trying to keep the noisy lab mix in line. The only creature she ever bit was him, jumping up to seize his ear whenever he would start an episode of seemingly endless loud barking. That always ended it. Sometimes with an expensive trip to the emergency animal hospital. Once, memorably, on New Year’s Eve.

She fancied herself a watch dog, barking at anyone who came to the door or even started up the sidewalk. She adored walks. Why did we take her on so few? She did get to accompany her adult caretaker to work at times, where she had endless friends.

Lila at 17She lived to be 18, outlasting the noisy lab, the gentle husky, the marriage, and even her beloved beagle Wazzuk by just 5 weeks. When he died she just faded away. Here is a picture of her at age 17, resting a lot by then but still always up for a walk in the creek, a few jumps through the snow.

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Halle Berry, Polly, and Willy

Halle Berry’s Dogs, Polly and WillyCelebrity: Halle Berry

Dogs: Polly and Willy

Breed: Maltese

Fido Facts…

Though rarely seen in public with her precious pooches, Halle Berry shares photos of her “spoiled and jealous” white Maltese dogs on her official website, (The Catwoman star also has two feline companions, Playdough and Spanky.)

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Eva Longoria and Jinxy

Celebrity: Eva Longoria
Dog: Jinxy

Breed: Maltese

Fido Facts…
Word to the wise: White dogs are high maintenance. Eva Longoria keeps Jinxy’s snowy fur fresh and clean with a rigorous grooming regimen. The payoff?

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In Touch Weekly dubbed Jinxy Hollywood’s Best Groomed Pet.

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Seattle Dog-Friendly Stores and Restaurants

Best dog-friendly restaurants/cafes/stores

Think outdoors, think free dog treats and water bowls…


1621 12th Avenue, 98122/ 206-388-0526
Dogs on a leash are allowed at the tables on the patio which is open for the summer months. Order inside and take your food to your table outside.

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Madison Park Cafe

1807 42nd Ave E, 98112/ (206) 324-2626
Nice outdoor garden cafe that welcomes dog at outside tables.


Norm’s Eatery and Ale House

460 N 36th St., 98103/ (206) 547-1417
Named after a dog, it’s a laid-back pub that is very accepting of pets.



1411 34th Ave, 98122/ (206) 720-1961
Upscale botique and pet shop.


Three Dog Bakery

1408 1st Ave, 98101/ (206) 364-9999
Has biscuits, treats, and fun accessories for dogs.

Queen Elizabeth II and Her Corgis

Celebrity: Queen Elizabeth II

Dogs: Three or four corgis; most are descendents of Susan, an 18th-birthday gift to then-Princess Elizabeth

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Other dogs: Dachshunds; also “dorgis,” a dachshund-corgi cross

Fido facts…

There are times when I wonder what good fortune the corgis in the palace must be having! On the side track, I see so many people struggling to make a living and I think to myself if they are hard of luck or they are plain lazy?

There are opportunities galore today!

The internet has opened so many opportunities today that only a lazy person can be any longer poor and in misery.

I wanted to be able to help a few homeless. But I did not want to give them money and free home or aid or medical help or anything of that sort. What I wanted to do instead was to make them aware of the kinds of opportunities that are waiting for them to take over.

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Are you wondering who gave them the initial investment of $250?

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Animal lover Queen Elizabeth II (she’s also an expert equestrian) has elevated the literally lowly corgi to icon status by being photographed with her dogs and stopping to chat at public events with fellow corgi-philes. Her father, King George VI, brought the breed into the family in 1933, but recent evidence suggests the royal fondness extends even further. In 2004, archaeologists at a dig in Wales where the queen’s ancestors lived during the ninth century discovered a leg bone from a corgi-like dog.

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Oprah Winfrey, Sophie, and Solomon

Celebrity: Oprah Winfrey

Dogs: Sophie and Solomon

Breed: Cocker spaniel

Other dogs: Golden retrievers Luke, Layla, and Gracie

Fido facts…
Constantly asked if she will ever have children (let alone marry longtime beau Stedman Graham), Oprah Winfrey often responds by saying she has two already: chocolate cocker spaniels Sophie and Solomon. “When Stedman’s away — and he’s away a lot — the first thing he says when he calls is, ‘How are the kids?'” the talk-show hostess tells USA Today. “And I think, ‘God, we’ve become one of those couples.'”

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Jessica Simpson and Daisy

Jessica Simpson and DaisyCelebrity: Jessica Simpson

Dog: Daisy

Breed: Maltese-poodle mix

Fido Facts…

Jessica Simpson may have been late to the small-dog-as-fashion-accessory trend, adopting Daisy in 2005, but she upped the ante with a trendy, post-Chihuahua breed. (Her name refers to Simpson’s Dukes of Hazzard character, Daisy Duke.)

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Breeders report that interest in Maltese-poodle mixes, nicknamed “malti-poos” has increased since Daisy started peeking out from the singer-actress’ handbags.

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German Coolie

German Koolie – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, RescuesMake a page for your German Coolie

German Koolie – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, Rescues
Share German Coolie rescue stories.

German Koolie – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, Rescues
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Coolie pup bred by Ida Parmer.

For many years the “Coolie” has been known as the “German
Coolie”. Many generations of people believed the Coolie was a
German bred dog. There is much controversy concerning the time and origin of development of the Coolie breed. The Coolie breed
was selectively bred from various herding bred dogs for the purpose of working livestock.

In May 2006, Mike Bryant, Chair, Australian Shepherd Club of America, Stockdog Committee stated that the German Coolie was added to the list of ASCA-accepted herding breeds.

Excerpts from ancestral research

A few references to the “German Coolie,” “German Koolie” or
“German Collie” appear in various letters and articles in working
dog magazines and in a few books.

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The Koolie and the Smithfield
exist in Australia to this day as working dogs, not recognized by
the bench show authorities (there is, however, a breed club for the
Koolie). With regard to the Koolie, the dog was “German” in that it
was popular in an area of Australia where there were many German
settlers who used this dog, much as the Australian Shepherd is
“Basque” due to Basque sheepherders using it in the American
West, rather than these breeds having their principal origin with
dogs brought from Germany or the Basque country. Photos of
Koolies and Smithfields show strong resemblance to the Australian
Shepherd in overall form and color, although Koolie’s can also be
shorthaired and prick-eared (as were many early Aussie’s) and
Smithfields can have Beardie-like coats. Linda Rorem

Captain James Cook’s First Fleet (1770) landed in Port Jackson
(now Sydney), Australia with convicts and their guards, together
with food and provisions for starting up their new lives in the
colonies. Among the livestock transported on these ships were
dogs (presumably herding dogs/‘collie’ types), 44 sheep, 4 mares,
2 stallions, 4 cows, 1 bull, 1 bull calf, and 19 goats.

The ‘collie’ dogs of these early pioneers were the ancestors of the
Australian Koolie, the Kelpie and Australian Cattle Dog. The early
pioneers required a big, strong dog for mustering and moving
huge herds of cattle and so the Koolie evolved from the crossing of
German and British ‘collies’ with British Smithfields. The resultant
offspring produced dogs with shorter legs capable of working on
the cattle and sheep trucks and were referred to as either
Australian Koolie’s or German Koolie’s (often spelt Coulie or Coolie
which could have arisen from the derogatory term ‘coolie’, used to
refer to immigrant workers in Australia, or to the accent that the
Germans placed on the word ‘Collie’). German immigrants
favoured the south of the continent and in that area these working
collies were referred to as German Koolie’s.

Unfortunately the Koolie, like its Smithfield descendants, did not
adapt well to the intense heat of the Australian outback as they
were too large and cumbersome, and their vociferous nature was
not conducive to their work. Iris Combe and Pat Hutchinson

Physical Description and Size
Sizes range from 16 inches to 23 inches at the shoulder and 35 to 50 pounds in weight. Physical appearance depends on their evironment and the stockmen’s needs. Coolies that are specifically used for herding cattle in rugged large open terrain tend to have longer legs and heavier bones with solid frames. Coolies that are specifically used for herding sheep, or that are used for loading trucks and in yards tend to be smaller, lighter framed with leaner bodies. Smooth coats are preferred over the long coated dogs. The ears can be dropped or pricked, pricked being preferred by most. The Coolie come in any color except brindle. The merle coloration is preferred by most.

See also German Coolie Pictures for more photos.

BorahView AlveyCoolibah BidgeeCoolibah dogsCoolibah Bart and Tilda
Coolies have impeccable work ethics, unsurpassed biddability and superior temperaments. They are a versatile breed and excel at any task that is set before them, rather it be herding sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, buffalo; in the sports arena; Search and Rescue; or just being a companion.

Coolibah TildaCoolibah Rolli
Dog Care
Most Coolies are known to love water. If there is a body of water, the Coolie can usually be found swimming. Bathing is necessary for these water-loving dogs as many water-borne diseases can be found in many lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds. The short coated Coolies are more wash and wear, whereas the longer coated ones require brushing to avoid mats in their coat.

A good quality dog food, whether it be dry kibble or canned food is sufficient for this active breed.

Coolibah RolliYatahae ButtersGerman Koolie – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, Rescues
Health Issues and Life Expectancy
Coolies are known for being vigorously healthy dogs with no known conditions that affect them as a breed. They are tough, strong and possess excellent stamina and endurance. Some Coolies have been known to live into their 20’s, while the normal life expectancy is 10 to 15 years.

Additional Resources
Australian Coolie Council
German Coolie Club of America
The Coolie Registry
The German Coolie Forum
The Coolie Forum
Wikipedia – German Coolie

Chicago Dog Activities

Dog Activities

Antique Coach and Carriage Company -700 North Michigan 773-735-9400
Your dog is welcome to join you on a scenic horse and carriage ride through downtown Chicago. Choose from a variety of carriage tours including the lakefront tour, Lincoln Park or Chicago’s Magnificent Mile (a popular shopping district that attractions over 22 million visitors each year according to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile(TM) Association.) Carriage rides depart at the corner of Michigan and Huron. During the Christmas season, you can also catch a carriage at 200 North State St (at Randolph) for a tour of the Chicago loop and the large Christmas tree on display. Reservations are recommended, usually one day in advance, for holidays including Valentine’s Day.

Buckingham Fountain -In Grant Park 312-742-7529
Dogs on leash are allowed at this popular Chicago landmark in Grant Park. The fountain, built in 1927, is noted for its artistic bronze sculpture, decorative details, and especially for its creative use of technology to present a brilliant music, light and water show. The shows take place every hour on the hour from dusk to 11pm, and last for twenty minutes. The show is seasonal and operates spring through early fall.

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Coming back to the activities

Canine Cruises -Michigan Ave. & Wacker Dr. 312-332-1353
Every Sunday during the summer months, bring your pooch and enjoy a Canine Cruise. Mercury Skyline Cruiseline offers a cruise just for dogs (and their people) every Sunday at 10am (boarding begins at 9:30am) from about June through September. The cruise is about 90 minutes long. The river and lakefront cruise highlights downtown Chicago landmarks. Food and drinks are not sold on the boats, but you can bring your own in non-breakable containers. Tour prices are $18 per adult, $8 per child 12 and under, and $5.00 per dog. Prices are subject to change. Advance reservations are not required. Tickets go on sale at 8:30am on Sundays and cash only please (no credit cards). The boat departs at Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, on the Chicago River and below the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Validated discount parking is available at 111 East Wacker Drive.

Chicago Dachshund Lovers
A GREAT group of Chicagoland Dachshund Lovers.
We are a friendly “members only” group open to anyone in the Chicagoland area that loves dachshunds. Our club meets monthly in Chicago or suburbs to socialize and let our doxies play! We often meetup for special events! We have a fun and informative discussion list. Check us out on the net at WWW.CHICAGODACHSHUNDLOVERS.COM

Chicago Horse and Carriage Rides -Michigan Avenue 312-953-9530
Dogs are allowed on the horse and carriage rides.

Chicago White Sox Dog Day -333 W. 35th Street 866-769-4263
Take your pooch to a Major League Baseball game once a year, usually in April, at the Dog Day game. On event day, come to Comiskey Park, take a seat in the left field bleachers, and enjoy the game. This event normally sells out, so be sure to purchase tickets early.

Navy Pier -600 East Grand Avenue 312-595-7437
Dogs are allowed at most of the outdoor areas of this Chicago landmark. The Navy Pier offers over 50 acres of parks, shops, and attractions. While dogs are not permitted in the attractions or shops, they are allowed to accompany you while you walk around outside. Dogs are also allowed at the outdoor seats at the Food Court. The Food Court offers a variety of foods including pizza, Chinese, Greek, sandwiches, pretzels, baked goods and more. In addition to the sights at this pier, your dog is allowed on the Architecture Boat Tours which depart from the Ogden Slip at the Navy Pier. See our listing for Shoreline Sightseeing Boat Tours for more information.

Of Mutts and Men -2149 W. Belmont 773-477-7171
Of Mutts and Men was opened to provide an indoor alternative to taking your dog to the park. A day pass costs $3 per dog (people are free), and a monthly pass costs $40. There are pool tables, chess boards, free coffee and a TV area. Dogs may roam off-leash inside. For the Dogs there is a ring to practice obedience or other lessons. Of Mutts and Men is located in Roscoe Village.

Retail Stores -See comments for details

Well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed in the following retail stores in Chicago: Neiman Marcus at 737 North Michigan Ave, 312-642-5900 and Billy Hork Galleries at 109 East Oak Street , 312-337-1199. As with all other establishments, please always call ahead to make sure a retail store is still dog-friendly.

Riverwalk Gateway/Riverwalk -Lake Shore Drive 312-744-6630
You and your pooch can walk through the Riverwalk Gateway, which to date, is the City of Chicago’s largest work of public art. As you stroll through the lighted tunnel, you will learn about the history of Chicago and the Chicago river by viewing sixteen narrative panels and twelve decorative panels. This gateway connects the dog-friendly Chicago Riverwalk, a pedestrian path along the river and through downtown, with the Lakefront Trail. The Riverwalk parallels the Chicago River and Wacker Drive, between Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive. Dogs are allowed on both the Riverwalk and Lakefront Trail (just not on any beaches). If you work up an appetite after walking, try dining at Cyrano’s Bistro and Wine Bar. This French bistro allows dogs at the outdoor tables.

Shoreline Sightseeing Boat Tours -Illinois Street 312-222-9328
Dogs are allowed on the Architecture Cruises which highlight over 40 major buildings in downtown Chicago. Led by a knowledgeable guide, the cruises take about one hour. Board the boat tours at the Ogden Slip at the Navy Pier. Reservations are not required, but strongly recommended. Call or visit their website for days and hours of operation.