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On the Animal Planet channel (248), you can find out the
newest ASPCA rescues. A few days ago, I saw an amazing
story about ten beagles trapped inside a old house aband-
oned by their owners. They were trapped to sit in their own
wast and had never seen day. Forced to exercising in small
rooms, this puppies were rarely noticed by neighbors.

The ASPCA got a call from one of the far neighbors who
jogged around the block, there ASPCA member (2) were on
the investigation and learned some information from other
people around the area but all the witnesses were useless and
talking of any other random fact they knew. Luckily, one of
which was very helpful and told them (the ASPCA) that the
building was going to be demolished later today and that he
had a key to the building.

After they rescued the pups (which were probably 1 year olds),
they brought them to the vets (which belonged to the ASPCA).
They found out from their research that all of them had a gum
infection (in their mouth) and were probably feeding on old

All ten puppies will probably find a new home soon.

By: 42Puppylove24

Dogs Rock
Who ever has a dog or who ever had a dog remember you're making/ made a dogs life good.
Dogs are like your best friend. Never mistreat any dog, purebread or mixed any dog should have the love and humaine care of any animal, any species.
When life has you down and there's nowhere to turn for love; turn to your dogs. They are your little protector. They show the love and compassion of a child. In fact your pup is your child. You feed it, love it, care for it, give it baths, and play with it. Don't say you never had a kid, well you're wrong. Your pup is your child. Remember that.
Havin' a dog is so cool! You can even show yo pup off to all your friends! Got no friends? At least you have an animal you can trust.
Get a dog at your local shelter. They are sad and want a home. : ( Give a dog a home today!

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