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Amber when she was a puppy, so cute!
Amber as a puppy
This is her "You have something I want and you have 3 seconds before I take it from you" face.
This is her "You have something I want and you have 3 seconds to give it to me before I take it from you" face.
Crazy face
This is right after the previous picture, The flash from the camera made her excited so now she wants to play with the

My dog's name: Amber

My dog's breed(s): Labrador Retriver

My dog's birthdate: September 2000

How we met: My neighbors decided that they wanted their dog to have puppies. I had just moved to NY so I thought buying a puppy from them would be a good way to get to know my neighbors.

What makes my dog special: She failed obedience training! The last thing the instructor said was "There are no bad dogs, only bad handlers, except for Amber". Needless to say, I didn't goback. She is scared of weird objects, like skittles. I once dropped a skittle on the floor and she started barking at it and backing away from it.

My dog's likes/dislikes: Amber hates when people are in her house or her yard and she gets very protective (to the point where she will bite). She loves snow, bones, walks, and all food (She is a very hungry dog, 102lbs)

My wikiFido friends:

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