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Name: The two dogs' names are Bella(Female Brown and White) and Charlie(Male Black and White).

Picture: The two are not yet photographed

Breed: They are both Border Collie-Kelpies

Born: Where and when was you Fido born? Was he born to a family or a breeder? Or did you get him from a pet store or rescue organization? Tell all you know about him. How old was he when you got him? What were his parents like? How big was the litter?

About his owners: There are 5 in our family: Gemma, David(me), James, Sally(Mother) and Phil(Father). We live in Upper Beaconsfield , which is near Mt Dandenong. Phil, as a job, works in the gas industry, Sally works at the local community center, and Gemma, James and I go to school. We have a 4-acre property and we have a fairly big yard, plus lovely cushions for the Border Colli-Kelpie to lie on when stormy etc. or near bedtime. Then they get taken down to the stables.

Why Fido: Tell us why you picked Fido's breed and why Fido. What was important to you?

What Fido likes: Charlie likes running around, chasing his tail, lazing around, sits on chairs ALOT(watch out!) and he loves kids. Bella likes sitting on chairs, lazing around, like Charlie she sits on chairs alot and she really likes kids. But watch out, robbers. If you came in their sight you'll have your eardrums bursted in 15 seconds and you'd be running 'cause they have a VERY loud bark and really sharp teeth.

Recommendations: If you keep them at home they're fine, apart from the fact they bark at the sound of Rubbish Bins taken in and out, but if you take them around town or some thing like that, they REALLY enjoy it.

Other dogs: They like playing with each other but it's usually fighting like they're fighting for $1,000,000 so little kids may be scared from watching(from looking at them geeting hurt or just the sight of it).

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