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Canaan Dog - Dogs & Dog Rescue

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Canaan Dog - Dogs & Dog Rescue

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Canaan Dog - Dogs & Dog Rescue

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MaccabeeShort History of the Breed

The Canaan Dog is a result of over 4,000 years of evolution. They are one of the pariah dogs of the Middle East, residing in northern Israel. They are thought to have been the herding and guardian dogs for the ancient Israelites. After the Diaspora they sought sanctuary in the Negev Desert, occasionally becoming camp dogs for the Bedouins. In the early 1930s the Menzels emigrated to Palestine. Noted cynologists, they sought out the pariahs to study. The speed with which the captured dogs took to a domestic existence proved very useful when the Menzels were approached by the Haganah to develop dogs for military purposes. They continued their studies and breeding programme for several decades. They developed the Standard for the breed and gained recognition in the Israeli Kennel Club in 1955. In 1965, Dr. Menzel sent 4 hand picked Canaan Dogs to California to begin the breed in the United States. Other Canaans would follow, but these 4 set the tone for the breed.

Physical Description and Size

The Canaan Dog is a medium sized and square dog. They should have no extremes in their appearance. They have adapted to their environment for thousands of years and thus have many characteristics that have allowed to survive. This includes their coat, paws


The Canaan Dog is an intelligent and highly adaptable breed. Like any breed, when well socialized with numerous people and situations the Canaan Dog is a wonderful companion. They are an wonderful with children and are not generally aggressive with other animals. They possess great athletic ability that makes them high calibre performers in numerous performance events.

Dog Care

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Health Issues and Life Expectancy

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