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News Flash--Celebrity Dog Watcher

Find out what the stars are doing with their pooches, right here! Click on the links to read the full article and see the pictures!

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August 22nd

Sienna Miller walks her dogs in London after a vacation in Spain.

Former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee gets another dog, a CARTOON dog.

July 26th

Paris Hilton buys a new puppy she names HENDRIX!

July 17th

Word just came in that Oprah Winfrey lost her dog Gracie.

July 5th

- Barbra Streisand brings her pooch Samantha allllll the way to Italy!

- Paris Hilton free from jail and free to love on anyone's dog.

-Orlando Jones has a dog? We sure hope so because if that's not his dog, the dog sure wants that ball he's holding.

June 19th 2007

-Ciara took her adorable dog Tyson with her to the 107.9 birthday bash - that dog is too cute!

-Kylie Minogue and Olivier Martinez might not be together anymore but the love for Olivier's dog Sheba is very much alive.

June 13th 2007

Did you hear about Vanessa Williams' missing dog, Enzo? Get the scoop on who took him and how she found him!

June 12th 2007

Sienna Miller is rock chic with her dogs, Porgy & Bess.

June 11th 2007

Pamela Anderson goes to her son's baseball game in Malibu and brings her dog, Jo Jo too. He's getting big!

June 8th 2007

Sienna Miller
brings her dogs to brunch near her London home with dad.

June 5th 2007

Ashley Judd brings Buttermilk (and not the liquid kind) to the taping of the David Letterman Show.

June 4th 2007

Ross "The Intern" Matthews and his pup, Louise make it into In Touch magazine.

June 2nd 2007

WOW! A lot of time has passed since I updated everyone on the barking news about celebrity favorites and the dogs in their lives. Stay tuned for updates rolling in regularly starting MONDAY, June 4th!

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