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Short History of the Breed

A hybrid of chihuahua and a dachshund.

Physical Description and Size

Designer dogs-Chiweenie

According to my vet he should be between 12-20 LBS. But he has stayed at 7 for a few months now. Their size depends on their parents... what kind of chihuahua they're mixed with and if its a mini or standard dachshund. Also it depends on if they took on more of the chihuahua genes or the dachshunds. Mine for example (Amaretto) Is not quite 3 lbs and is almost 5 months. Her dad was a 3 lb chihuahua and her mom was a 10 lb dachshund.


These dogs are very much one animal dogs. I do not suggest letting them in a house with other dogs. Mine can not stand bigger dogs. He gets a high pitched bark that he does when he gets near them.<--- That can be true but it depends on how they're socialized and their parents. Ever since mine was old enough, she has played outside with the neighbors dogs and rolled around and had tons of fun. I take her to work with me at Petsmart Petshotel, which is a boarding facility, and she gets to play all day with other dogs. She knows Im there so she's always looking around for me, but she makes friends and plays... she loves big or small dogs. One of her best friends used to be a dane, and shes friends with an American Bulldog and a golden retriever. All depends on how they were exposed at an early age.

He also sometimes snaps at the kids after giving them a warning that he's not ok with what they are doing. And barks constantly at new people. They normaly just give him treats and he's ok. He also begs like crazy. But is very commited to me and my family and shows his love in many ways.--- Mine is skittish of new people, but never has snapped except when they have truely scared her (like if someone runs up to her and chases her and then snatches her). If they're slow and gentle she is scared but will allow them to pick her up and love on her. She definitely loves her "people" though. While she makes friends with dogs easily, she is not as excited about new human friends. She LOVES me... loves to cuddle and snuggle, loves to play and wrestle, she loves a couple other people I know and is getting used to a few more. Hopefully with constant exposure she will not be quite AS skittish of new people.

Dog Care

Chiweenies don't require much grooming, unless they are mixed with one of the long haired dachshunds or chihuahuas. Mine has extremely short fur that barely sheds. I have to wipe her eyes daily bc she has the larger chihuahua eyes that are really watery... but it takes all of two seconds.

As for exercise, it depends on the size of your chiweenie. Mine barely gets all the exercise she needs just running around my tiny apartment since shes so small. We'll start to go on walks but her small little legs get tired and I end up carrying her the rest of the way! But she loves to play fetch and wrestle with her toys and bounce of the walls. Then she likes to sleep and save up all that energy again and go for it again!

For feeding, I just feed mine Solid Gold... it has good ingredients in it and is just a dry food. I put a little water in it to make it a bit softer.... but I only feed her about a 1/2 cup per day (1/4 cup twice a day). It all depends on the size of the chiweenie though.

Health Issues and Life Expectancy-

Chiweenie life expectancy is 13-20 years, according to my research. Visit the discussion forum and the 'chiweenie health' thread for more chiweenie health problems and issues.

Chiweenie Hybrid Nickname:

A common nickname for the chiweenie hyprid is 'Mexican Hotdog' :)

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