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Critter Concierge Pet Waste Removal and Disposal Service

Critter Concierge has been keeping yards poo free since 2003!!
There are many reasons why pet waste should be scooped on a regular basis a few of the reason include health concerns for you, your family and other pets that may share the yard. Pet waste may contain diseases or parasites such as Campylobacteriosis, Cryptosporidium, Toxocariasis just to name a few.

Also pet waste that is not clean up and disposed of properly can wash away with rains into the storm drains.S torm sewers usually drain directly into our lakes and streams, carry many pollutants along with the water.
When pet waste is washed into lakes or streams the waste decays, using up oxygen and sometimes releasing ammonia. Low oxygen levels and ammonia combined with warm temperatures can kill fish.
Pet waste also contains nutrients that encourage weed and algae growth. Overly fertile water becomes cloudy and green -- unattractive for swimming, boating and fishing.
Perhaps, most importantly, pet waste carries diseases which make water unsafe for swimming and drinking.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional you should clean the pet waste and dispose of it to protect your family, friends and neighbors!

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pilot007 Poopy Paw's Omaha's Pet Waste Removal Service 0 Sep 11 2008, 10:17 AM EDT by pilot007
Thread started: Sep 11 2008, 10:17 AM EDT  Watch
Across the country, the pet poop business is booming. Here in Omaha, it’s no different.
Clayton Gullick is the owner of Poopy Paws, LLC. He says his business is built to try not to waste anyone’s time. “Everybody’s busy working a couple jobs and kids, going to their school things and all that and even people that do have kids, the kids don’t want to do it. Somebody’s got to do it so we’re going to take care of that.”

Picking up pet waste is not the most glamorous job, but Clayton has come up with his own way to keep his hands clean. Dust pan in hand, the poop is scooped into a connected bag. After the yard is cleaned, the bag is detached and the scoop is sprayed with disinfectant. “It’s pretty much a touchless process.”

They work in different areas of town five days a week, splitting about 300 locations.

Claussen says most people understand what they do, but there are occasionally some strange looks. “People will pull up next to you at a stoplight, they read the side of the truck and look up and kind of laugh. They wonder how you can do it, but it’s something that needs to be done.”

The cost of the service averages out to around $7 a week. Gullick says even with the down slope of the economy recently, his business has continued to grow. He credits a lot of it to advertising and their Web site.

He sees growth in the future and is always looking for new ways to make something of the waste. “What the great thing would be is if we could find someone to do composting or methane recovery.”
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