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One big advantage which cat owners have over dog owners is that you can actually leave your kitty and travel for quite awhile if need be. This doesn’t mean that you are going to abandon it completely but while you are away a cat can be cared for by others. Usually dogs get too cranky and upset unlike cats who can adjust a little bit better. Cats love to play and have fun, so make sure that the person you leave your cat with is one who can take care of the pet. Whether you are leaving your cat to a friend or a relative or you are going to have a cat sitter tend to the job, you need to be sure that the person is fully competent to take care of the pet for you. This is why when you interview the cat sitter you need to make sure that the following details are well explained and taken into account.

Points to Note When Interviewing the Sitter:

1. The experience, qualifications, references, training, etc. will prove how well the sitter can actually take care of your kitty. However, remember that if the experience of the sitter is high, then he or she is going to charge you a bit more money than less experienced cat sitters.

2. Ask them what they do in case of an emergency and what their routine is. You can also ask them what the different types of situations and emergencies are which they have come across and what they have done to take care of the pet.

3. Ask them for license, bond and insurance information as well as other documents which are important. Ask them what type of an agreement you will need to sign and go through it thoroughly to see what you agree with and what you don’t.

4. If the sitter is from a cat sitting agency, then do a check on it to figure out how reputable and reliable the company is and how they are perceived in the pet services industry. If they are good at what they do, then surely they will have a good name in the market.

These are the man points to consider but don’t forget to see how the cat and the sitter actually gel with each other. Only after seeing this should you decide which cat sitter to hire.

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