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Interviewing a dog sitter is the most important step to make to ensure that your dog is in the right hands. Since there are plenty of dog sitters in the market, make sure that you only choose the one that is best for your dog. Here are a few questions to ask your dog sitter that will show you whether or not he or she is the right choice.
Questions during the Interview
1. If the dog sitter comes from a dog sitting company, ask them about the company and how long they have worked there.
2. You should also ask about the overall experience that the dog sitter has regarding dog sitting.
3. The references that the dog sitter can provide you with are going to be of a lot of value to you when you make your decision. This is why you should insist that the dog sitter has good references.
4. Ask the dog sitter what his/her usual routine consists of and how they would go about performing the service.
5. Last but not least, the biggest test that the dog sitter needs to pass is to impress your dog. Your dog needs to like the dog sitter and get used to him. Only then will you be comfortable knowing that your dog is in good hands.
If for some reason a particular dog sitter does not work out for you and your dog, go with someone else. There are plenty of dog sitters in the market so make sure that you select a dog sitter who is giving you and your dog a good deal. Most importantly, make sure that your dog likes and is comfortable with the dog sitter. Once you select the dog sitter, make sure that you give them a good and handy set of instructions that they would require.
The List to Give To Your Dog Sitter
1. Give the dog sitter a list of things that your dog likes and does not like, such as snacks, toys, etc.
2. In case the dog needs medication, give a clear instruction about that.
3. Make sure that you give the dog sitter a clear idea on where you can be reached and your phone number at all times.
4. If you want additional help from the dog sitter, mention that to them so that there is no confusion as to this issue.

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