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My best friend's new puppy was terrorizing their household with his chewing of everything in sight from furniture to carpet to shoes! We found out how to stop his puppy's chewing with no jerking, squirting, or clicking!

My friend Ken's life was turned upside down--he didn't know how to get his puppy under control or to stop dog chewing! Well, I've been listening for years to a radio talk show called "Talkin' Animals With Dr. Dog" on 760KFMB in San Diego. When the show's host, Dr. Dog (Dr. Dennis Fetko) announced that he had published a dog training ebook, Dr. Dog's FAST, EASY, FUN Behavior Solutions, I purchased a copy right away hoping to find methods on how to help my friend, Ken, stop his puppy dog's chewing.

What I discovered about how to stop puppy chewing in Dr. Dog's ebook didn't surprise me. His methods to stop dog chewing are not harsh or gimmicky. In fact one of Dr. Dog's sayings is, "In dog training, 'jerk' is a noun and not a verb!" Dr. Dog also says, "If anyone has to jerk a dog to stop dog chewing, he should not be allowed near anything with a pulse!"

Of all the things a dog can do wrong, chewing problems are one of the most destructive and expensive. Replacing furniture and carpeting can be as costly as a week in Las Vegas and far less fun! Stopping dog chewing problems is easier if we eliminate the motivation as we learned in Dr. Dog's training ebook.

If teething pain is causing your puppy's chewing, a simple solution to stop puppy chewing is to control the pain with ice cubes or frozen rags. Ice cubes are obvious. Just give Godzilla a bowl of ice cubes instead of water or use them as treats. He can lick them to quench his thirst and chewing them will ease teething pain.

Frozen rags can help stop puppy chewing. Make them by wetting a washcloth, wringing it out, leaving it wrung in a cigar shape, and freezing it. It'll be hard enough to encourage chewing and the cold relieves pain. But only use a frozen rag when you'll be around to pick it up before it thaws. We don't want the dog to chew rags, remember? Re-wet and re-freeze it and use it over until teething stops.

It turns out there are many reasons for dog chewing problems--everything from puppy teething pain to boredom, too many toys and playing the wrong games with your dog, among others. We learned that to stop dog chewing or to stop puppy chewing, you may need to implement several stop dog chewing remedies at once.

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