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Max, Princess and Zeva have all had their baths, three in four days. they smell good and are soft as can be.

All three of them have been trained to jump, with no lifting, into a dry bathtub, with a american cheese slice as an incentive, in order to bath with no lifting by me. I have osteoarthritis in all the joints in my body, so their training is awsome!. They also jump out only on command.

I love my dogs and they love me, saving my life on a daily basis. Max lays on the couch with me while I do my paperwork and his warmth is what I need. When I cry, he and princess dry my tears.

Zeva is our pack leader and keeps our scedule when I loose track of time. She also sleeps with me and comforts me when I am sad, and looks for me when I am on my way home or late. She sees me off, at the door, with Max, and greets me efusively, at the door, when I come home.

I cannot live without my dogs, I saved their lives and they continue to save my life.

I have been stressed so, therefore so have my dogs. No one more than Zeva, who is deeply in tune with her mommy. She has had to take her prescription anxiety meds again (she hasn't for about 6 months). She will probably not need them when work is out at the end of May.

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