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My dog's name: Strider
My dog's breed(s Alaskan Husky

My dog's birthdate:2008

Hometown: Cartersville, Va. 23027

How we met: I was dog sledding in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Strider was on my team. He an his six siblings are named for Lord of the Rings characters. His father, Spencer, retired with me at my farm in Virginia. Strider was diagnosed with epilepsy and I was able to bring him home at a younger age than dogs usually retire. By changing his diet to
strictly home made I was able to take him off medication and he has had noseizures in ten months. He is my best friend.

I have published a book "Raven" by Elmer Watts detailing six years of running dogs in the Yukon. My website www.wattsadventure.com has photos and more details about the dogs.

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