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When you going away for a meeting or a vacation, the biggest worry is who will take care of your pet when you away. Now you don’t have to worry. Pet sitters will do your work on your behalf till you return, pet sitters are professionals who have deep love for pets and are also trained. So one thing is for sure, your pets are in safe hands. The brown eyed animals are too sensitive When it comes to cats, they are highly territorial animals and very reluctant travellers. They just hate travelling. If they are moved from their home or familiar surroundings, they are intended to suffer high levels of stress. In that case, they don’t eat and stay restless which is uncommon among cats. This is the reason cat sitters come home to take care of them and make them feel more comfortable. Cat sitters are trustworthy. While you not home, these cat sitters also take care of the minor domestic duties which would be important for your cat. Your house will be maintained and kept neat just like you left it before your departure. Below given are the activities the cat sitter would take care of
  • Your cat will be fed water in clean bowls and the bowls will be cleaned after us.
  • The trays will be cleaned and emptied after use.
  • The pet sitter will play, groom and fuss over your cat
  • Turn lights on/off if the cat is not feeling good
  • Turn TV or radio on/off is the cat us not liking it
  • Open/close curtains to make the cat feel cozy and warm
The advantage of having a cat sitter around is you don’t have to bother your neighbour or your friend to drop in home to have a check on your cat. They give personal attention to your cat and treat them with love and affection.

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