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A Sad Native American Indian Dog Story....

Please share your feelings. Here are mine...and my friends from facebook...

1. at this point it is hard to tell who bred this dog or if they got it from an authorized breeder. Unfortunately, the reporter must have gotten his NAID info from the net and there is no proof that NAID have any high content wolf in them. We all know every breed came from the wolf. There is so much mis understanding about dogs and how it all relates to wolves. I hope they realize that the NAID was not intentionally trying to hurt the newborn.

It is a sad story and I wish there was something I could do for the newborn baby. My heart goes out to the family. I don't understand how the dog got the baby to begin with. If it was in the crib. Something does not add up. I hope they figure out what and why. Where were the parents, how did the dog pull this baby from its crib. The parents should have known to monitor the dog. Do we blame the dog or the parents?

I am conflicted.

2. that was a very sad story. but the parents new that the dog could be harm to the new baby, no matter if it was raised with the other two children from newborn to older age. I know your dogs are well treated. it also depends on how the owners raise them too. from pup. but it goes to show that no matter how much u trust ur animals...u still need to keep the 100 percent look out. or more. i feel for the baby.

3. You are so right, I feel the parents should have done more to ensure baby and dog had smooth transition.

4. This will give anti dog folks great ammunition to try and pass more laws banning various types of dog ownership. It will be interesting to see what comes of the investigation. There were obvious issues there, not the least being the parents leaving a dog loose with free access to a newborn child. Who in their right mind would do such a thing? I love and trust each and every one of my dogs but I would never leave my 1 year old grandchild unattended anywhere that a dog would have access to him. Seems like common sense to me.

5. you are so right, more ammo for those who have no clue...And what will come of the parents? The dog is the one going to be punished. The poor baby (first and foremost) but the dog is also the victim here too.

6. As a dog trainer and evaluator, this situation could have and should been prevented. Parents of newborns should never leave a dog unsupervised with a four day old baby, especially a large breed. The NAIDS, just like the German Shepherds, Huskies, and Malamutes, all have ancestors going back to the wolves. None of these breeds have pure wolf blood but they are breeds that possess wolf like desires of hierarchy and structure as well as independence. This dog through no fault of its own was probably going to carry the baby off and create a make shift den. Noone can establish a hierarchy in 4 days especially when two days were possibly spent in a hospital. Also, it was stated that the parents were downstairs while they left the dog and baby upstairs. The dog was so unsupervised that he was able to get the baby out of the crib, make it down one flight and out of the house. Was the baby shower that important? What if the baby had stopped breathing? How would they have known? The baby AND the dog are not safe with these parents if they are not willing to supervise. Having a dog is like having a toddler in the mix along with having a baby that is solely dependent on you. The dog should not be returned to these owners and they should be made to take an obedience class before they can own another dog. Hopefully ,social services will keep an eye on them because how hard is it to have a four day old baby with you? There are Graco portable baby cribs, carriers, etc. They need to invest in a baby monitor as well. Actually, many of us dog trainers end up training the human 85% of the time because the owner has incorrect suppositions and behaviors just like this case.

Thanks for reading this.

this is a follow up story. its really sad. when i started reading this i thought " of course the dog should be put down!" but i kept reading, then reading the second article i changed my mind and this is what conclusion i came to:

the dog saw the baby as a puppy and treated it like one. she carried it by the chest area, just below the neck (which anyone who knows even a little about dogs -- or even cats for that matter -- know that a dog will carry a pup by either the scruff of the neck on the back or just under the neck on the front - like Dakota did). she was being gentle, the baby sustained induries from being carried through the woods, not from the dogs teeth. a baby, especially a newborn is fragile, more so than a puppy, who are not built to be carried around like a pup and also weighs more mind you (the baby weighed a little over 6lbs). the bones are small, the skull would still have the "soft spot" ... there were no puncture wounds from teeth according to both articles... if the dog had thought it was a toy or something, then a 6lb baby would not have made it out of the house alive. even the dogs owner, the kids father, doesnt want the dog to be put down! even he believes that the act was not vicious by any means!
a lot of people who have never owned or even met a NAID immediately think "wolf. bad. vicious." but that is totally opposite. yes the NAIDs have recent wolf history but that only makes them more TIMID. the NAIDs are so friendly once they know someone and they are by no means vicious unless raised wrong, but what large breed dog (or small for that matter) does this statement exclude? none. the naids are not vicious at all if raised properly and, i swear, they know instinctively to be gentle with children. my little 1 year old neice is just FACINATED by my NAID, Tala's mouth. he just sits there while she plays with his mouth, grabbing his tongue, his teeth and he doesnt even move. does that sound vicious?
Dakota isnt vicious, she was a female dog who thinks that the newborn baby was hers. most animals have maternal instincts. dogs, cats (my cat Chi Chi would have carried my neice off dozens of times if she were big enough to carry the baby!), you name it. its instinctual.
as for NAIDs, they do have wolf blood. a lot of NAID owners deny it, but its still there and most of us except it. but, with the wolf blood comes a stronger bond to the family, there is no way that dog would have intentionally hurt or killed that baby....
ok, well, i suppose i have ranted enough =P... the animal control center, along with other officials, have been deciding whether Dakota should be put down... the dogs owner and father of the child, has said repeatedly that he does not want the dog destroyed, that he hopes that it can be adopted out. the shelter has already received dozens of calls, all from people around the country wanting to adopt her. shes not a threat to anyone and if she can go into able hands (one that doesnt have children, or who keeps an eye on dog and child both?), why not release her?
there is a number on the second article, i think the more calls placed, the better the chances that Dakota will survive. lets see if we can help Dakota out!

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