Paula Abdul and Tulip

Paula Abdul and TulipCelebrity: Paula Abdul

Dogs: Tulip

Breed: Chihuahua

I was reading a website on the celebrities and their pooches and the fetishes that they have fr them and I could not for heaven’s sake think of anything else other than the fact that how these celebrities were big enough to enjoy what they feel like and wish for. I mean its instant gratification for them. Not like us, common folks who keep mulling over buying something so insignificant for our children and the thought itself so excites us but when we realize that that particular thing is slightly or largely out of budget not only does it break your little one’s heart but you seem to die a little on the inside!

I have been in this kind of situations often and I have wondered to myself whether people who have the things that they wish for the second minute itself have any kind of patience in them. I mean would they be even able to wait for a couple of days until they can get the thing? I keep thinking about this as if it makes any difference to me. Silly me!

I want to be able to keep my children smiling always!

And that is precisely why I take up any kind of extra work or chore that needs to be done and pays decently. While my day job is stable, my additional work is mostly seasonal in nature.

My parents never could really afford great things for me and I grew up staring at toys that the rich boys in the neighborhood played with, remote control car, et al. I never wanted my children to stare at other’s toys and think them to be so poor that they could not afford it on their own. That would be heartbreaking.

So, I have tried my hand at everything!
From making deliveries to plucking fruits; from clearing up weeds to even helping in the chef’s kitchen, I have dabbled in everything. Recently, I came to know about trading online which is the next big thing. I knew not a word of trading but I was determined to learn t if it allowed a good scope for making that kind of money.

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Fido Facts…

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