Queen Elizabeth II and Her Corgis

Celebrity: Queen Elizabeth II

Dogs: Three or four corgis; most are descendents of Susan, an 18th-birthday gift to then-Princess Elizabeth

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Other dogs: Dachshunds; also “dorgis,” a dachshund-corgi cross

Fido facts…

There are times when I wonder what good fortune the corgis in the palace must be having! On the side track, I see so many people struggling to make a living and I think to myself if they are hard of luck or they are plain lazy?

There are opportunities galore today!

The internet has opened so many opportunities today that only a lazy person can be any longer poor and in misery.

I wanted to be able to help a few homeless. But I did not want to give them money and free home or aid or medical help or anything of that sort. What I wanted to do instead was to make them aware of the kinds of opportunities that are waiting for them to take over.

A lot of them that I zeroed in on were fairly educated and so understood a bit of computer. My first step was to buy a smart device for them and to get them learning the basics. I preferred to buy refurbished pieces from the developed countries and then recycle and teach them how to trade online.

My trick worked!

I am so happy to tell you all that my mission was a great success. Almost all of the people in my group not only learned how to trade on their own but they also made a very good amount of profit month after month!

Are you wondering who gave them the initial investment of $250?

I set up a crowdfunding for this project and the response I got was humbling. The initial investment was reimbursed in equated installments by all the incumbents and a corpus was created to be able to identify more people in need and help them. we were majorly hooked on the Bitcoin Code program. You can learn even more here.

Animal lover Queen Elizabeth II (she’s also an expert equestrian) has elevated the literally lowly corgi to icon status by being photographed with her dogs and stopping to chat at public events with fellow corgi-philes. Her father, King George VI, brought the breed into the family in 1933, but recent evidence suggests the royal fondness extends even further. In 2004, archaeologists at a dig in Wales where the queen’s ancestors lived during the ninth century discovered a leg bone from a corgi-like dog.

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