Rescuer creates ADOPTME.TV to help homeless dogs find new homes

A dream for every dog to have a home


In an effort to help the countless unwanted dogs (and cats for that matter) find new homes, one Texas woman has created a new platform to promote homeless pets in a unique, eye-catching manner. Amelia Rush, a rescuer, animal-welfare advocate and avid social networking “networker,” felt the need to create a new venue for homeless pets when she saw troubling changes taking place in the realm of Facebook.

Rush watched as Facebook clamped down on animal welfare networking efforts – she cringed as she saw Facebook feeds for rescue agencies and shelters drop to a pittance of what they once were and her heart broke for the animals that she knew would die because of their lack of exposure.

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Coming back to the article,

Rush created ADOPTME.TV, a YouTube-like venue for shelters, rescuers and would-be adopters to come together…an “all-in-one” platform to help the homeless find homes. The ADOPTME.TV site includes dog video profiles, in addition to live event streaming – it is an area for shelters and rescues to showcase their dogs in need.

Rush has high hopes for the site – she wants it to be a place for dog owners, and would-be dog owners, to come together to access more than just adoptable pets. She envisions a site where people can be educated on proper pet ownership, enlightened about troubling animal cruelty situations, and provided with links to veterinarians, groomers and boarding facilities.

In order for ADOPTME.TV to become all that Rush hopes it can and will be, the word needs to get out – it needs to become the “go-to” place for shelters, rescues and would-be adopters, as well as current pet owners. Click here to access the ADOPTME.TV website.