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  • my old boy has a tumor near his spleen hi all, i have just bn told my 12 yr old retriever x has a tumor near his spleen, 6cm by 7 cm the vet is not certain on if its cancer or not and would only be able to tell if he were to operate, Bj my dog is showing no signs of discomfort or pain and living his elderly life with alot of fun still enjoying his walks and food and chilling out with me, i can go ahead with the operation which may be a success or can bring his life to a end, blood clotting complications as he is 12, i just want to do whats best and am finding it hard to find the right answer? im hoping you all can give me some much needed advice? thank you.
    Thread location: tumors near the spleen
    Posted: Jun 7 2009, 5:51 AM EDT by KellyBarratt
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