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Yorkie exercise
Jan 6 2007, 3:41 PM EST | Post edited: Jan 6 2007, 3:41 PM EST
I worry about the comment that Yorkies can get plenty of exercise in an apartment. TOO many people are paper training yorkies these days and not taking them out on walks and getting REAL exercise. I see way too many FAT yorkies at the animal hospital where I work. Worse yet, when they DO take their yorkies out - they use them as purse accessories and carry them about in fancy dog carriers - so they don't even get exercise when they are out! Every dog, no matter what the size - needs EXERCISE! 18  out of 20 found this valuable. Do you?    
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1. RE: Yorkie exercise
Jul 11 2007, 9:53 AM EDT | Post edited: Jul 11 2007, 9:53 AM EDT
SOOo TRUE! There are so many fat Yorkies out there! Hey people - dogs aren't purse accessories! Dogs should be able to WALK! 1  out of 1 found this valuable. Do you?    

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2. RE: Yorkie exercise
Jul 23 2007, 6:38 AM EDT | Post edited: Jul 23 2007, 6:38 AM EDT
I take my yorkie for walks outside, but I try to do it early in the morning or later at night. It gets so hot out in the summer I am afraid she wont tolerate the heat. Do you find this valuable?    

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3. RE: Yorkie exercise
Oct 14 2007, 5:28 PM EDT | Post edited: Oct 14 2007, 5:28 PM EDT
Hello, you would probably be able to help me out here. I have a yorkie that is about 1 and a half years old. She gets lots of exercise, has a very health appetite, and is putting of weight. She is tiny, but is it possibe because she is so active that she may have muscle on her putting on weight. Im feeding her royal canine, and she eats a little cooked lean chicken, tiny bit of apple or carrots as a treat, and thats about it. Should I just stop the chicken, and only cut back on her royal canine, and not walk her as much? We do walk alot, and lots of backyard play time. Please give me your opinion..Thanks so much!! Love mimi (the yorkie) Do you find this valuable?