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JohannTheDog | Version 8

Hi, I’m Johann! I’m a pretty busy pup. Got my own website –, and I do agility, herding, and help raise money for dog shelters and rescues.

Hi, I am Dave and here is my blog on how you can make your trades safe and also make some money as an encouragement to you trading interests. Here in this blog I am going to tell and enlighten you with tips and tricks that would help have a completely safe trading experience.

Be sure and visit my Dog Blog and keep up with what’s going on!
Really glad you stopped by!

About Me!

My birth Mom and four of my brothers and sisters arrived at the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana sometime in August 2004. We were rescued.
Johann as a Pup
The shelter folks named me Ben (on the left) and my brother Jerry, funny huh? My new momThey think I was born on June 25th, 2004, but they don’t know where, and that I’m a sheltie. renamed me Johann, after Johann Sebastian Bach.

My mom raised us well, And all of us were adopted to wonderful, but different families. That doesn’t make me sad, because as of September 3, 2004 I have a great new home and two new brothers Wolfie and Wiggy, and as of March 2006, a new sister, Gracie.

My favorite things!


  • Agility, Agility, Agility and more Agility!
  • Herding
  • Organic free range chicken
  • Zukes
  • Talking walks with Mom and Gracie
  • Helping shelters and rescues raise money

Dog agility!

Johann doing Agility!This is me at a 2006 agility trial, clearing the triple. As you can see I take my job very seriously. Seriously fun!!!!

Some folks call me Johann, some folks call me JoJo (YoYo), and some folks call me Rocket Dog. I don’t care what they call me as long as they call me to do agility!

Do you love dog agility, want to get involved in agility, need info on agility? Check out my Squidoo lens, it’s packed full of some of the best agility resources we could find.

In our lens we bring you lots of dog agility information for beginners and those that have been doing agility for years. Everyone can learn something new!
Agility is my absolute favorite thing in the world! I’ve been training in agility since June 2005 and competing in USDAA since December 2005 and AKC since May 2006 — so far I have my AX and AXJ in AKC and my AD, AJ, AS and AR in USDAA.

Now that I’m over my broken paw, I’m back in agility and doing my ‘comeback’ trial this April. Watch my dog blog to see how I did! 


This is me at my herding instinct test. Herding is really fun!

Do you love herding, want to get involved in herding, need info on herding. Check out my Squidoo lens, it’s packed full of some of the best herding resources we could find.

From herding information for beginners and those that have been doing herding for years. Everyone can learn something new!!

JohannTheDog.comBe sure and visit my website – – where you can shop for cool stuff for cool dogs!

We’ve put together, in one place, all the cool stuff you need for your dog!

Find dog beds, all natural foods and treats, collars, leashes, charms, training and dog sport gear, vitamins and supplements, books, clothing, toys and more!

Johann Squids!

When you get a chance, check out all my Squidoo lenses:

  • Flyball!
  • Rally-O!
  • Awesome Dog Videos!
  • Johann-My Personal Lens!
  • Throw a Great Party for Your Pup!

My family!

This is my family! We are all named after classical composers. Mom used to be a classical flutist – but she doesn’t have much time for that anymore. And besides, not so sure we’d put up with the ‘noise’.

  • Gracie, my sister! by johann'smom My sister – Gracie (named after Grace Williams)



  • Ludwig (Wiggy) - my brother! by johann'smomAnd kitty brother – Ludwig (Wiggy – named after Ludwig Von Beethoven)



  • Wolfie - my brother! by johann'smomMy kitty brother – Wolfgang (Wolfie – named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

I paint!JohannTheDog - Dogs & Dog Rescue

One day Mom said – we’re gonna paint!

Well I was up for anything, ’cause I’m still kind of a pup.

So Mom mixed up some corn starch, flour, water and food coloring – put some on my paws and let me CREATE!

Here is the result! Whadda ya think?

Larry Merrill drew me!

JohannTheDog - Dogs & Dog RescueLarry Merrill is an artist. January 29 ’06 through February 17, ’07 was the Year of the Dog on the Chinese Zodiac. To join in that celebration, Larry provided a piece of original art for each day of the year – a Dog Each Day.

On December 24, Christmas Eve, I was Larry’s Dog Each Day!

You can see lots more Dogs Each Day!

Causes I care about!

Rescuer creates ADOPTME.TV to help homeless dogs find new homes

A dream for every dog to have a home


In an effort to help the countless unwanted dogs (and cats for that matter) find new homes, one Texas woman has created a new platform to promote homeless pets in a unique, eye-catching manner. Amelia Rush, a rescuer, animal-welfare advocate and avid social networking “networker,” felt the need to create a new venue for homeless pets when she saw troubling changes taking place in the realm of Facebook.

Rush watched as Facebook clamped down on animal welfare networking efforts – she cringed as she saw Facebook feeds for rescue agencies and shelters drop to a pittance of what they once were and her heart broke for the animals that she knew would die because of their lack of exposure.

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Coming back to the article,

Rush created ADOPTME.TV, a YouTube-like venue for shelters, rescuers and would-be adopters to come together…an “all-in-one” platform to help the homeless find homes. The ADOPTME.TV site includes dog video profiles, in addition to live event streaming – it is an area for shelters and rescues to showcase their dogs in need.

Rush has high hopes for the site – she wants it to be a place for dog owners, and would-be dog owners, to come together to access more than just adoptable pets. She envisions a site where people can be educated on proper pet ownership, enlightened about troubling animal cruelty situations, and provided with links to veterinarians, groomers and boarding facilities.

In order for ADOPTME.TV to become all that Rush hopes it can and will be, the word needs to get out – it needs to become the “go-to” place for shelters, rescues and would-be adopters, as well as current pet owners. Click here to access the ADOPTME.TV website.

Perro de Presa Canario

The ”’Perro de Presa Canario”’ is a [[Molosser]] type [[dog]] from the Canary Islands. This large [[Dog breed|breed]] was originally bred as a multi-purpose [[farm dog]], being used as a cattle drover and [[guard dog]]. The name means the “Canarian Dog of Prey” and is sometimes simply called “Presa.”

The breed is originally from the [[Canary Islands]] in the 1700s, notably [[Tenerife]] and [[Gran Canaria]]. Its exact ancestry is unknown, but enthusiasts believe that the [[Perro de Bardino Majorero]], an established farm dog from the Canary Islands, was [[Crossbreed|cross]]ed with the [[Mastiff]] and Old-Style [[Bulldog]] brought from Europe to the Islands by visitors and colonists, creating the foundation for the modern Presa Canario. A number of Spanish breeds such as the [[Perro de Ganado Majorero]], [[Presa Español]], and [[Alano Español]] may have contributed to the development of the Presa Canario.
Presa type guard and [[Hunting dog|catch]] dogs are mentioned in historical documents of the 16th and 17th centuries. It is believed that the Perro de Presa Canario was created during the 18th century for the purpose of property and flock guarding as well as the holding and driving of livestock. The breed was also used for dog fighting, a tradition the English settlers transplanted along with their of Mastiff and Bulldog breeds. Canary Islanders consider these fights “honor fights” and not the sole purpose of the animal. They were used as guard dogs, and less often as farm dogs. Presa type dogs were referred to as the “perro de la tierra” or “dog of the land.”
The breed became nearly extinct after dog fighting was outlawed in the 1940s, but the breed was revived in the 1970s with the help of several crosses by various breeders. This period is generally known as the reconstruction of the breed, with atypical specimens becoming less common.

The Presa should be powerful, balanced, and imposing in appearance. It is heavily built, but able to move with great athleticism.
The head is broad, massive, square, and powerful.

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Proper head and good expression are part of the breed standard, and are manifest in the best breed specimens. The ears are normally [[docking (animals)|cropped]] both to create a more formidable expression, and to prevent damage while working with cattle. In countries where ear cropping is banned the ears should be pendant or “rose” shaped. The lips are thick and hang in an inverted V; the flews may be slightly loose.
[[Image:PresaLogoHead.jpg|thumb|150px|left|A portrait showing the breed’s distinctive head.]]
The breed is also characterized by a sloping topline(with the rear being slightly higher than the shoulders). Another characteristic of the breed is the shape of the paws (cat foot) and the catlike movement of the animal. The body is mesomorphic, that is, slightly longer than the dog is tall, contributing to the feline movement. The breed can adapt to various climates.

Females average between 22-25 inches at the withers and weigh between 88-105 pounds.
Males average between 23-26 inches at the withers and weigh between 110-125 pounds.
Generally speaking, exceeding the weights listed above could lead to a number of health problems. Too much weight is also known to compromise the dog’s athleticism and working ability.

===Coat and color===
One of the characteristics of the breed is the diversity of markings. Fawn comes in silver fawn, gold fawn, and red fawn. Brindle comes in colorings of black (and may appear solid), brown, and all shades in between. “Verdino” or greenish-tinted brindle is among the most traditional coat colors; reverse brindle or “atigrado claro” and silver fawn are among the most exotic.
The ideal coat is medium length and “rustic,” that is, slightly coarse to the touch. The breed is known for its very minimal shedding.
Presa Canarios have thick skin and short fur that comes in all shades of fawn and [[brindle]]. White is allowed up to 20 percent and is most commonly found on the chest and feet, and occasionally on a blaze on the muzzle. The breed standard requires black pigmentation and dogs should have a black mask that does not extend above the eyes. This breed has never consisted of any shades of blue or grey.
See below for a brief discussion on coat genetics.

The Presa Canario breed is known for its calm temperament, which is often referred to as the “island temperament.” It is considered “gentle and noble” with the family, and distrusting of strangers. The Presa Canario forms a strong bond with its master and human family and can be very protective. The breed is intelligent and is known to possess a “severe gaze.”

In some situations, the Presa can be aggressive toward animals, other dogs, and even humans in rare cases. Once the dog has been properly socialized and trained, this becomes the exception rather than the rule. Many Presas share their homes with birds, cats, dogs, horses, reptiles and other animals.
A dog attack that received much media attention involved a pair of Presa Canario/Mastiff hybrids. These two dogs broke away from their owner and killed [[Diane Whipple]] in front of her apartment door on January, 26, 2001. Allegedly, the dogs had been bred and trained for aggression.

Due to its temperament, the Presa Canario can be a challenge to train. They require a firm owner who is willing and able to meet the challenges a young, dominant puppy may pose. The breed is not traditionally suited for protection sports but it is gaining in popularity due to a small group of enthusiasts who have selected dogs based heavily on function.

As with any breed, those interested in purchasing a Presa Canario should carefully research breeders and a dog’s ancestry to ensure that the breeding lines are healthy. Typically speaking, the higher the degree of consanguinity, the higher the likelihood of genetic defects. Due to the breed’s vast gene pool, many of the genetic problems that affect other purebreeds are less evident. However, as the breed becomes more tightly interbred and bloodlines developed the incidence of genetic problems may increase.
As a large breed, the Presa Canario can be susceptible to [[hip dysplasia]]. Other possible (but generally uncommon) health problems include [[epilepsy]], [[osteochondrodysplasias]], and [[cryptorchidism]]. Health issues unique to Spain include [[canine herpes virus]] and canine visceral [[leishmaniasis]]. An outbreak of herpes can be deadly to a canine population, particularly to newborn puppies. Leishmaniasis is a blood parasite that has a long incubation period (of several years) and most often leads to death.

The average lifespan for the Presa Canario is 8-12 years.
==Breed status==
Some enthusiasts hold that, if the dog’s pedigree cannot be traced back to the Canary Islands, it is not a true Presa Canario but rather a [[Bandog]]. It should be noted that there is a great degree of diversity in Presa Canarios and Dogo Canarios throughout the world. While this diversity has good implications for health, it has some interesting ramifications for the breed status. The Presa Canario is one of four breeds that does not have a DNA profile. And despite the fact that some claim the “Presa Canario” is a different breed from the “Dogo Canario” neither phenotype nor genotype evidence can accurately substantiate this claim. Essentially, all Dogo Canarios are Presa-type dogs (that is Presa Canario), but not all Presa-type dogs (Presa Canario) are necessarily Dogo Canarios.
For years, obtaining proper paperwork from Spain was extremely difficult. It is even claimed (but never substantiated), for example, that a former president of the Spanish club simply didn’t give out papers. Some breeders simply do not have papers on their dogs which are bonafide Presa Canarios. The problem in obtaining papers has definitely contributed to the diversity of the breed in many ways. Due to this difficulty, American owners and breeders created and sought other ways to register their dogs, such as AKC-FSS, UKC, UPPCC, and FIC.
==Coat genetics==
Dogs have a great deal of diversity in breeds, in all aspects, including coat color and patterns. Canine coat genetics are still being researched. Most of our present understanding of canine coat genetics is based on the work of Clarence Cook Little, author of “Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs” (1979), although some researchers dispute certain of his theories. For those with a keen interest in canine coat genetics, an excellent source for the breeder and the layperson’s understanding is authored by Dr. Sue Ann Bowling []
As far as the Presa Canario is concerned, it is believed [[Fawn]] is based on the Agouti series, specifically the ay allele. Agouti hairs are fawn hairs banded and/or interspersed with black. This gene is recessive to the other genotype of the breed, brindle.
It is known that [[Brindle]] is a dominant trait but there is some argument as to where it is located. Little postulated that it was on the E series (Ebr) but if so, would compete with the black mask (Em), which is known to not be the case. Dr. Bowling speculates the gene is most likely on a new series, which she calls “K”.
”’The following are true in canine coat genetics:”’ (remembering alleles come in sets of 2)
1. Breeding fawn (ayay) x brindle (KbrKbr or Kbray) may produce: fawn and brindle offspring.
2. Breeding brindle (KbrKbr or Kbray) x brindle (KbrKbr or Kbray) may produce: fawn and brindle offspring.
3. Breeding fawn (ayay) x fawn (ayay) will ”’always”’ produce: ”’fawn”’ offspring.
For breedings of fawn x brindle or brindle x brindle there is no clear way to predict the number of fawn or brindle offspring. Some litters from these breedings will be entirely fawn, entirely brindle, or, most likely, some combination of both.
*[ Origin of the Presa Canario]
*[ Breeding Posterior to the Recognition]
*[ The Presa Canario and Parellel Presas]
*[ The Current Profile of the Presa Canario]
*[ History and Theories Surrounding the Origin of the Presa Canario]
*[ Frequently Asked Questions]
==Breed Clubs==
*[ Dogo Canario Club of America, Inc.]
*[ International Association of the Presa Canario]
*[ United Perro de Presa Canario Club]
*[ Working Dogo Canario Alliance]
==Message Boards==
*[ Dogo Canario Forum]
*[ Working Presa Canario Forum]
[[Category: Molossers]]
[[Category: Guardian Breeds]]
[[Category: Working Dogs]]

Kaycee’s Page

My dog’s name: Kaycee Irene

Hometown: Mesa, AZKaycee Irene

How we met: When Kaycee was 3, her former mama died and the family couldn’t keep her, so they took her to the pound. At the same time, I was looking for a dog to love, since my dog had died 6 months before. When I saw Kaycee, I fell in love. She went up for adoption the next day, and I went back and adopted her immediately! That was 10 years ago, and she’s still my best friend! I hope we have another 10 years together!

What makes my dog special: Kaycee loves baby animals. I have worked for the past 5 years with a cat rescue, fostering bottlebabies. Kaycee has been my right-hand girl, and loves to mother the baby kittens.

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Even tho she’s too old to want to do much with the babies now, she will still come running to help if she hears a kitten crying!

Kaycee is so sensitive to my moods. When I get down about something, she’s right there with her kisses and snuggles to make sure Mama is going to be okay! And she’s so great with other animals and small children. She’s missed out on attention due to the foster siblings we’ve taken in and helped find forever homes, but she never seems to care – she’s taught her Mama alot about love and caring!

My dog’s likes/dislikes: Kaycee loves to ride in the car, go for short walks, and snuggle in bed with her Mama. She loves her kitty siblings and tolerates all the fosters with good grace. She LOVES to eat, and HATES to be on a diet! (Gets this from her mama!) She also loves to go outdoors and lay in the sun or sniff around in the grass. She doesn’t like to go to the vet, and doesn’t like it when her mama is gone all day and she has to stay home.

Kaycee is a very special girl, and has taught me to love dachshunds. If anyone was considering adopting a dachshund, I’d say absolutely! They are great dogs, and I have the best one in the world!

One last thing: Add tags to the bottom of the page with your dog’s breed and hometown.

Chiweenie Pictures

Feel free to add a picture of your Chiweenie to the page!

Yogi – All grown upfile:///Users/Jeff/Desktop/IMG_3101.JPG
Tazzy – The Chiweenie.Baby Yogi – The Chiweenie Zoey is such a divaI think I’m a Chiweenie?Chiweenie Pictures – Dogs & Dog RescueNACHOChiweenie Pictures – Dogs & Dog RescueNewmanCorona at ChristmasPee-WeeBaby BindiBindi 3 mons. Chi & weeniefroo froo chiweenieCassie’s first summer with me. Chiweenie Pictures – Dogs & Dog RescueMollyMolly the Chiweenie COZMO my chiweenieRodman the ChiweenieSassafras (Sassy for short)Our Precious LilydyojSleepy chiweenie, “Amaretto”Amaretto the chiweenie with Daisy the dachshund

Help create a beautiful display of Chiweenies for all to enjoy! Click EasyEdit to add a photo of your Chiweenie to the table below.
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Back to the pictures

Designer dogs-Chiweenie
Mugsy pinkie
My 1 1/2 yr old Chiweenie named Joey (because when we first got him he looked like a kangaroo). The most loveable dog ever. Peanut

Boykin Spaniel

Short History of the Breed Boykin Spaniel – wikiFido-Dog Breeds, Rescues

The dog was originally found in 1911, outside a Methodist church after service by Mr. Alexander L. White (1860-1942). He was named “Dumpy”, but showed some aptitude for hunting. Mr. White took the dog to his friend, Mr. Whit Boykin (1861-1932), which is where the name came from. Mr. Boykin bred the dog with a dog named Singo, a female dog found abandoned in a train depot. Later other hunters would breed their ‘Boykins’ to different gun dogs, including Labaradors, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Pointers, Setters and American Water Spaniels.

65 years later, the Boykin Spaniel Society was formed. Their mission was to document the breed in a registry to encourage breeding of purebred Boykins, and ultimately obtain national recognition in a recognized organization such as UKC and AKC.

The BSS applied to the AKC for recognition in the early years of formation. The BSS was told that they did not have complete documentation for AKC recognition but to re-evaluate in the future. Several years later, the BSS again took their case to the AKC. Upon being told that they would turn the registration part of their business over to the AKC, the BSS determined that the BSS would continue as a private individual company rather than joining the AKC as the Boykin Spaniel national parent club.

In the late 1990’s, a group of people who still desired AKC recognition formed the Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Assoc. of America WWW.BoykinSpanielClub.ORG
Although faced with opposition and a lawsuit over ownership of the breed instigated by the BSS, the Boykin Spaniel Club continued working for AKC recognition.

In July 2005, the club was named the Official AKC Parent Club of the Boykin Spaniel. Although they remained an AKC FSS breed at that time, the AKC felt the club had made progress to the point of allowing them to begin participating in AKC events. In January 2006, the breed was allowed to participate and earn titled in AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests. In July 2006, they became eligible to compete in AKC agility, obedience, rally and tracking.

Physical Description and Size
The Boykin is a small to medium sized spaniel. Their size was one of the traits that made them a desired hunting companion in the early 1900’s. Small boats filled with hunters and gear did not leave room for a large retriever. The Boykin was big enough to bring back the turkeys and ducks, but small enough that they were not a burden.

The Boykin Spaniel is a moderate dog in all ways. There are no extremes in their build or trappings and their form follows function. They are a breed originally developed as an obedient companion able to behave while riding to a hunt in a boat, but strong and quick to flush and retrieve. Gait is without wasted motion or interference.

The head is expressive with amber or yellow colored eyes that show enthusiasm and intelligence. Lips are close fitting without being heavy or flewed and the muzzle is balanced with the head. The ears are set on even with the top of the skull and reach the tip of the dog’s nose when lightly pulled forward.

Boykins are always a solid color with an occasional tiny white spot on the fore-chest or toes. Excessive white markings are to be avoided. The coat color variations have been described in many terms including liver, red, chocolate, or bronze. Longer hair and feathering may appear faded.

Coat length and texture vary with a waterproof, wavy coat of around an inch long being the most common. Some coats may be smooth or curly. They have light feathering on the ears and limbs. Coat and feathering may become matted if not brushed regularly.

Tails are docked. Dew claws are sometimes removed.

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Like all hunting and sporting breeds, the Boykin Spaniel has boundless energy and enthusiasm. They have a very high activity level and need to be given exercise for their body and mind daily. They do require daily exercise and excell at dog sports such as flyball, agility, tracking and obedience.

They are quick to bond with people and are attentive, devoted pets that prefer to be by their owners side at all times. It is excellent with children and is an instinctive swimmer. They can sometimes be unresponsive to harsher training methods ( chock chains or shock collars) and do best with clicker or operant conditioning methods.

Dog Care
(exercise, grooming, diet)

Boykin Spaniels must be exercised daily. They are an active breed that was bred to hunt all day long, so it is expected that they will have an abundance of energy that needs to be burned off.

Grooming every few days is needed to keep the hair from matting, especially behind the ears.

Ear infections occur in some dogs regularly. Skin conditions are in some of the bloodlines. Both of these are possible symptoms of either allergies or thyroid/endocrine disorders; a vet can accurately diagnose the problem.

Most Boykin Spaniels do well on a high quality kibble diet.
Health Issues and Life Expectancy
The average Boykin Spaniel life expectancy is 14-16 years.

Several Boykin Spaniels are born with hip dysplasia each year. Puppies can be checked by a local veterinarian for this problem at the age of 2 human year old by anOrthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) x-ray or as young as 4 months old by aPennHIP exam. All breeding stock should receive either a passing PennHIP evaluation or an OFA certification prior to being bred.
The breed is also known to have eye related problem. All breeding stock should have a current (yearly) certificate from CERF.

Other lesser known problems include cardiac (heart), patella luxation, elbow dysplasia, under bite jaw, and skin problems.

The breed is recognized by CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) and individuals tested for hip, CERF and patellas as well as having permanent identification (micro-chip or tatto) will receive a CHIC number and certificate. However, obtaining a CHIC certification does not mean a dog has passed their evaluations; it is an indication that the owner was responsible enough to check for the health diseases in the Boykin Spaniel.

Additional Resources
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Paula Abdul and Tulip

Paula Abdul and TulipCelebrity: Paula Abdul

Dogs: Tulip

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Fido Facts…

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Dog Magazines and Publications

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Now coming back to the magazines, If you know of a good dog magazine or other publication, please click EasyEdit and add it to the list!

Dog Service Network – Online directory of dog services such as: boarders, daycares, groomers, rescues, sitters, trainers, walkers, waste cleanup & more! We also have a blog with the latest news on dogs. Feel free to check it out and comment on it!
The Doggie Directory – Dog magazines & subscriptions.
The Bark – Offers entertaining and informative articles about dogs and dog culture.
BarkleyAndPaws – An online magazine and social community site for pets.
Dog & Kennel – Focuses on the aspects and concerns of dog owners.
Dog Fancy – A good mainstream and popular general interest dog magazine.
Dog World – Similar to Dog Fancy. It’s a general interest dog magazine with articles on health, behavior, training, grooming, activities, products, and culture.
Fido Friendly – A quarterly magazine specializing in dogs and travel.
Modern Dog – For fashionable and hip dogs everywhere, a dog mag with a modern twist!
Whole Dog Journal – Focuses on wellness and natural dog care.
Your Dog – A monthly newsletter specializing in dog health and care from Tufts University.
Parent Paper- A monthly magazine that features hybrid dogs for families.
Pawprint– The coolest little pet magazine from world famous celebrity pet photographer Christoper Ameruoso.
Bark Magazine